Finally decorating with my "trash" finds

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  • Carol

    Yakima, have family still there,
  • I grew up in Silverdale, and my parents live in Coeur d'Alene, which is near Spokane.


  • C_harlow

    I have traveled all over the U S , and Coeur d'Alene is my favoirite place. What a view from the interstate hwy, but now with the new bridge it's not as easily viewed.

    We camp up north of there @ Silver Beach resort, which is such a nice quiet area, bass fishing is great there to.
  • czechlady,would you believe my parents can see the bridge from their window! They have a log home on the side of the mt with a beautiful view of the lake. They don't mind the bridge. They use to do a bed and breakfast in their home.

  • C_harlow

    What a great place to have a home, and a view that can't quit.
    Would love to live in that area.

    Don't think I would get the other half to leave the ranch. Getting away to RV is a job in itself.

  • I called a friend the other day and told her that I spotted a plastic coated wire fence in someone's garbage - and I knew they were looking for one. The perfect fit for just the right price!
  • I went garbage picking this afternoon just down the street at a house, a rental, that the tenants just moved from. I got a wicker shelving unit that was blue that I spraypainted white and is already in my bathroom to hold towels and face cloths. I also found a hard plastic Barbie carrying case that had some dirt on the front that once washed up looks brand new, found an iced tea container that has the spigot on the bottom, also filthy but washed with some bleach and looks good as new, and also a Christmas alabaster decoration, a mountain with a train around it. They had some chairs there but someone picked those and also a box fan, but that was gone by the time I got finished and got down there. Oh well!

    Garbage day tomorrow. I was out tonight and didn't find anything that I liked. I'll go out in the a.m., early. Will let you all in on it if I find anything good!