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dawny75 10-28-2002 07:15 AM

Christmas Trash to Treasure
What's everybody 'recycling' this year for the holidays?

nagymom 10-28-2002 07:54 AM

Do pinecones and magnolia seed pods count? We have a huge magnolia tree with tons of the pods so we plan to do something with those as well as pinecones. Last year we scented pinecones then put them in brown bags with handles and lined them with colored tissue paper then tied the handles together with ribbon. They looked and smelled so pretty. This year I would also liike to make some that are used to make colored fireplace flames.

Dd2 wants to make her own paper for homemade stationary. I think we'd better get started soon. :-P::

raggedymom 10-28-2002 11:55 PM

I have old jars of buttons, and fabrics (taken from clothes) from the thrift shops, which I then turn into cloth dolls, cushions, Christmas ornaments etc. I use the buttons for various embellishments.


dawny75 11-02-2002 11:29 AM

YEP, everything counts! I'm trying to use up my craft supplies that I"ve been collecting over the years. I'd like to get my car in the garage this winter!

The kids are making gifts too this year, so hopefully I can get rid of at least half of my materials. The rest I'll save for girl scout projects, and my own half-finished projects! Dawny

PnutsMama 11-02-2002 02:16 PM

We went on a scavenger hunt the other day and picked up a bunch of cattails. I plan on spraying them with polyurethane and then using them with some silk flowers to make fall arrangements.

I also saved alot of baby food jars and plan on using them to put bath salts in. I've been thinking of making "bath sets" for the ladies in my alot of good information from my web friends. :)

My son has been hoarding old comics from the Sunday paper - says he's going to use them to wrap the Christmas presents he buys so he'll know what's what under the Christmas tree.

Any other neat ideas out there?:worm:


dinsky 11-02-2002 06:00 PM

Old wrapping paper through the shredder makes great packing material. I am using old cardstock and holiday fabric to make Christmas cards. My dd is making sachets using some of the holiday fabric. I have lots and lots of old crafting/sewing supplies that we are going through.


3msmom 11-03-2002 07:43 AM

I've been saving the lids from the frozen juice containers for a couple years now. I made garden markers this summer for our garden. For Christmas, my kids and I are making ornaments for family and friends. Punch a hole in the border somewhere and then glue pictures of the kids on the lid, or old Christmas card parts to make a pretty ornament. Can glue on glitter or other trims to make them pretty too. Tie a ribbon or cord or rope in the top to hang with.

We have lots of ideas of what we are doing. :-)

Old oatmeal boxes into drums. Cut to various heights and cover with paper then cording to resemble drums. Use the lid to put back on for a top.

Paint or tissue old baby food jars as candle holders. Tie a little ribbon or raffia around the outside for a pretty touch.

Get old sweaters or flannel shirts from the thrift stores and make pillows out of them. Or use up some of the shirts in the house that the sleeves are worn out on or some other part, recycle them to pillows. A favorite shirt of a child that they've outgrown but really don't want to give up.

We also have taken the mini juice cans and painted them for ornaments. Cut the bottom out with a can opener, and attach a bell from a string. Use the tab top to hang it. They are really cute.

Last year the kids made pipe cleaner candy canes for the tree, 50 of them! Red and white pipe cleaners twisted together then the top folded over for the crook. Then hang off the tree from the crook, these are really easy and quick for the kids. :-)

I have lots more if you are interested but these should keep anyone busy enough, they sure do us!

NEAVON12 11-03-2002 03:43 PM

Dear Nagymom,
I would love to hear your ideas for Magnolia seed pods, I have a Magnolia tree and bush, please share your ideas! Thanks!

TarainNC 11-04-2002 07:15 AM

servings trays
I helped my mom start our Christmas crafts last night.
She bought a lot of wooden trays on sale at a craft store. We are using up the various left over paints to paint the sides and handles.
Then I tore out recipes from a cookbook (I bought a huge box of cookbooks at a yard sale Saturday for $4.50) and decopaged them to the bottom of the tray!
We plan to do one for my grandmother with a color copy photo of her mom and copies of family recipes.
Another with old christmas cards- The variations of this one are endless!
Another with some wine labels,etc. etc.
Then you can give the tray as a gift alone, or add to it.

AnnaInOhio 11-04-2002 07:17 AM

gum ball tree
My mil has a tree next door that drops off these little spiky balls, she says she thinks they are called gum balls? I saw in a magazine a few years ago someone had spray painted them gold and silver and put in a pretty clear glass bowl for Christmas decoration. I have been meaning to do this, we have thousands off this one tree-they only fall about every other year. Will have to check with her if this is the year for them. They are indestructible, you can roll over them with your car, lawn mower and they don't squish. Anyways, they would make a nice Christmas ornament or put in a bowl with maybe some cinnamon sticks, or a few pedals of potpouri.


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