Does anyone dumpster dive or roadside shop ?

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  • I havent had a darn bit of luck this week. The only thing I found at a junk shop was 3 little copper molds for my kitchen and an old school book w/ personal writing in it ....copyright date1897.....I was just intrigued by it. They were $2.00

    Im hoping Spring cleaning invades everyone's homes around here soon !!
  • awwww...sorry.

    I had great luck yesterday. A local church has a "jumble sale" every year. We usually have pretty good luck at these. Last year we got beautiful bunkbeds (oak) for $20. This year, I went a little later than usual so just as I was looking through clothes (that were about $2-$5 a piece), one of the ladies yelled "ok, it's late....all you can get in a bag for $2. I started jerking shirts off the rack. I needed summer shirts sooooo badly. When I got to the pay place, a friend of mine was taking the money. They were using grocery plastic bags and when she saw how much I had, she went and got a gigantic plastic bag from the back somewhere. She would have let me have it all for $2 LOL, but since it's for charity I just couldn't do it. So, we guessed at how much I had....maybe 4 bags (probably more, actually). Then I threw a couple of other thing I had picked up (things I'm going to paint as crafts) and she included those!!! When I got home, I counted how many shirts I had! 31!!!!!!! I paid $8.00 for 31 tops(plus the other two items) and I love everyone of them. That's less than a quarter a piece!! I carried all that out to my car....went back in and bought some dress shirts for my son to wear to church. I got him 7 shirts for $2.00 and picked up a couple pairs of shorts for me and crammed them in that bag, too. hehe

    On the way home, I saw a little sale on the side of the road. I stopped and got three wooden candle holders that I'm going to paint, an adorable christmas angel that I'll probably put on a wreath next Christmas, a cute little wreath thingey that matches my bedroom and a necklace.....all for $6.50. That's probably more than I would normally have spent on myself but I had just fought with DH on the phone. It's ok now...we talked...I apologized....

    I feel like I won the lottery or something. A real shopping spree. Now, I just hope DH brings home the dressers from his grandmother's house that he said he might.....coz I don't know what I'm gonna do with 31 shirts. :p
  • YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you had a great time !!

    There is nothing better than finding a sale like that after fighting with DH either !! ;-) Glad to hear you made up too !

    The beds are quite a find too !!!!! Would love to find something like that here.

    Keep up the good work all summer !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Does anyone dumpster dive or roadside shop?
    Hi all,
    I haven't been able to get out to yard sales yet due to our soccer schedule but will as soon as the season is over. This year I'm looking for 50's style salt and pepper shakers and tea bag holders to add to my collections. Last year for my hubby 10 brand new ( tags still on) golf shirts for only $2.50 for the lot. Have also added to daughters closet, beanie baby collection and video games. When youngest daughter wanted a "Tea Party" for her birthday, I searched the tag sales and found the China cups and saucers to use for party favors, also found a tea pot etc. to serve with along with the dress-up clothes. The girls loved it. Last year when the washing machine needed a part, I saw a match to mine at the curb while on my way to pick up my hubby from work, on the way back we stopped and the part we needed was fine. Saved $150- service and repair call with that. Have also found a complete wicker porch set with cushions, a corner hutch, and three complete living room sets. The Living room sets I had kids sit on them until I could get the truck. Our married daughter still has one in her playroom and the other two we donated to a shelter that helps abused women get back on their feet. It always amazes me what people will just throw out.
  • Re: Does anyone dumpster dive or roadside shop?
    Originally posted by LauraLee
    The Living room sets I had kids sit on them until I could get the truck.
    I can just see them sitting there waiting for you to get back.

    You did great!!!! It is amazing what people throw out. I don't know if it's laziness or just more cents than sense.

    What's a teabag holder? I got tired of shlepping over to the pantry for teabags, so I stuck some in an old coffee filter holder I had kept from a broken coffee maker and put that in the cabinet beside the coffee. I'd love to know what an actual holder looks like.
  • Hi,
    Teabag Holders are little dishes that you put your used teabag on. I look for the ones that look like little teapots( most have faces with big eyes) There are teabag holders like you want. The one I've seen most often looks like an old-fashion icebox. It's about the size of a wooden match box. You fill it up with teabags that come in paper (like Lipton's) and pull them out one at a time from the bottom. Over the weekend I found a complete bedroom set left over from a yard sale. I couldn't fit it in my car so I called a shelter that I know of and they came right over to get it. Being on a tight budget, I'm always so glad when I can help other people out without putting a strain on my budget.

    ps/ Come to think about it the kids did look pretty funny sitting there.
  • Ohhhhhhh!! Of course. My mind went straight to "pre-wet" teabags. lol I know exactly what you're talking about. I have never seen, though, the ones for stacking dry teabags. I'll have to keep an eye out for those.

    It was so nice of you to call the shelter. You have a lucky community.
  • I will admitt that I have never dumpster dived. I'm scared to go alone and DH won't go with me. But this weekend we did score some great finds. The community was having a garbage day for large items. DH found some pressure treated 4x4 lumber next door for me to use to edge flower gardens. The neighbor was glad for us to take it. I also found a blue bathmat that is in very good shape. Some of the backing material is worn, but it is larger and nicer than I would ever buy. And it was free!
  • roadside shopping
    I dog sat for my sister this weekend. The psychotic dog got out and ran down the street. The kids pursued on foot and I got i the car to follow. After we got him in the car a few streets away I was turning the car around and spotted an old wooden step ladder. I knew it would not be in good shape, but I sent my son to grab it. Now it is in the corner of my garden with flowerpots on it. It is in poor shape, but good enough to hold a couple of flower pots and looks quite charming there. Now when my moon flowers start to climb it will be even nicer.
    I love finding "yard art".
  • Very cool!