Does anyone dumpster dive or roadside shop ?

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  • Hi Aubry !!

    We live in Beaver County.....real close to the Ohio border. I have been to every place you have named, LOL !! We just went to the Red, white & blue store in Avalon the other day and I got all the great clothes that I named above for my son :p

    One of our favorite things to do is hop in the car on a Saturday morning and just drive and see where we end up. We have so much fun doing that !!

    What part of NY are you living in ? My DH is from right outside Syracuse ....a little town called Chittenango . Ever heard of it ? The place is really cool ....all of their sidewalks in town are yellow bricks because the creator of the Wizzard of Oz is from there.

    So nice to hear from someone nearby !!
  • Hi Ajrsmom,

    I used too love that store! My first apt. was only 2-3 miles from there. I got some great stuff for my apt. there!
    I'm not sure where your dh hometown is. I live about 1 hr south of Buffalo. My dh went too the Art Institiute of Pgh., and we met while he was in school! Thats how I ended up here!
    Small world!
  • hi. I'm a first time responder toi this board. I'm always looking on ways to save money. I'm inspired by tales of great bargains found. I too go to thrift stores and lots of yards sales, but alas, by bargains are few and far between. My husband works at a mall, and he and his fellow workers used to dumpster dive at one store who threw away tons of useable stuff, We got 1 brand new filing cabinet, a new desk, still in the box, lots of date books that the kids just love to draw and write in, another filing cabinet that had no handles and the word discard on, but it is used in a closet so noone sees any way. But, unfortunaly mangement found out and put the word out that if anyone is caught, they will be arrested!!! and now they will purposely damage things they are throwing out so noone would want them. I can't understand the waste! At least they could donate these mainly office supplies a
    nd furniture to some charities or something, it makes me angry!We do occasionally get some free thing when a store remodels or moves in or out. My husband asks the person in charge of construction, and wev'e gotten carpet, shelves, fixtures ect. So all is not lost. well, that's my story on dumpster diving!
  • Hi Sten!
    I also live in Western New York!
    I know what you mean about stores I used towork for JCPenney, and my stepfather still does. And they will also damage things before they throw them away so no one can have them. It is such a horrible waste!:mad: And we were always told that if we took anything bound for the garbage, we would be fired for stealing! They were throwing it away, who cares! Why can't they at least donate these item too charity? I'm sure homeless shelters or womans whelterws would love too receive JCPenney's discards. Such a waste, and so many people do without!
    Ok I'm off my soapbox now.
  • My DH is a locksmith and you would not believe what people leave behind when they skip out on their lease. We deal mostly with realtors in our business and we have found that most owner's of rental property don't want to be bothered with auctioning off what they think of as junk.

    So here is the list of junk (according to the owners) that my DH has brought home in the last two years and yes, by law we had to get permission to take the stuff.

    a glass top kitchen table and chairs, still in the plastic from the store. - the owner of the property was going to throw it out.

    a cardial glide - new

    Movies - both vhs and DVD

    Games - Playstation and playstation II

    Dogs - yes, I said dogs. We now have three dogs because of uncaring owners, who abandon them when they skipped town.:mad: And if we hadn't taken the dogs, they would have most likely been distroyed.

    1- black lab mix - Peables
    1- terrior mix - Baby
    1- blue Heeler - Tripod, the three legged wonder dog

    1- Rockweiler puppy - never made it home from the vets office, he was adopted within ten minutes of my DH taking him there.

    a play kitchen

    a children's play castle for the back yard

    a microwave

    another kitchen table (wooden, no chairs)

    a matching dresser and chest of drawers (I had to fix the drawers but hey, they match)

    a queen size bed (new)

    toys (all kinds, we clean them up and give them to area shelters)

    and probably a lot of little things that I can't remember, but those are the big things.

    As for the stores, who purposely damage goods they are getting rid of. That is despicable. They are just going to write off the loss of those goods and someone should be allowed to get some good from them. If they would give the goods to charity, they would be able writing them off anyway.

    I just don't understand big business. With my DH as a small business owner, we are very frugal (no healthcare plan or any of the nice benefits you can get from an employer) and if we find something we can't use, we give it to someone who can.

  • I am continually amazed at people, and at my age, I ought to know better!

    In previous years, I have been a landlord and a renter and a property buyer. I would have been embarassed beyond belief if I had left any of my possessions behind for someone else to have to dispose of, let alone leaving any place we rented dirty.

    I had some wonderful renters, and some that were just terrible. I had renters who took the lightbulbs, curtain rods, towel bars and paper towel and toilet paper holders, none of which they purchased or installed. I even had one take the garbage disposal unit from under the sink!

    We have purchased several homes in the past thirty years that I would not close on until I walked through and did an inspection minutes before the closing and always with the realtor in attendance. Invariably, I would hear:
    1." Oh, the owner thought you might want the stove/washer/dryer/rugs/old tire swing, and whatever as they are still good." I specifically list in the buyer's agreement that ALL personal possessions and items not specifically listed in the buyer's agreement must be removed before closing.
    2. "Oh, the owner said these things came with the house when s/he bought it from the previous owner." (And always it is stuff/junk that is going to cost me $$$ to dispose of it.)

    And, living out in the country, I am NEVER surprised at:
    1. The number of thoughtless people who dump their unwanted pet cats and dogs out here (out of sight, out of their minds) thinking that some farmer will take them in rather than let them starve or that some farmers can always use more barn cats.
    2. The number of thoughtless people who will dump their unwanted appliances or worn-out couches or even bags of garbage out along the country roads because they don't want to pay a refuse hauler the $$$$ it would cost to dispose of their stuff in the right manner.

    thanks for letting me vent ~ my soapbox is now put away! LOL

  • DH has found:
    A replica art deco clock that ran ran for 2 years before needing a new battery
    Books of all kinds
    Book Shelves
    Children's Clothes
    Stuffed Animals
    A complete computer
    sofa cushions
    Coffee Table
    Marching Band Hat

    DH and I would check out the dumpsters at our old apartment complex around the last of the month when the move-outs started... My MIL has a flea market stall and I love to go to thrift stores...
  • Dumpster Diving....
    I have never posted a message or reply on here...but noticed the message about dumpster diving and laughed. In my town we have several folks who dumpster dive...or at least use to. Many people got furious about it and the city has now made an ordinance of no diving and anyone caught will get a fine of $35. Most of the divers are elderly and on a fixed income. This is how they support themselves. My dad use to joke when I was young that we could go to the 'local dump' and he would hold my ankles while I dove....Never happened, but I still get a chuckle out of it.
  • a twist on diving
    I, too, live in a rural area so dumpster diving in my neighborhood might be rewarded with gunshot. However, I live next to a University town. When students leave for the semester they often cannot fit all their newly acquired possessions into their compact-college-student car and abandon marvelous items right and left. Sometimes they make their way to the dumpster but more likely than not they leave their tv, computer, furniture in their room or in the hallway of student housing with a sign "free to a good home" or some such. VCR's, movies, software, stereos you name it, they leave it. It's amazing. Anything left behind after all the students are gone is carted to the dumpster and in this instance the custodians are quite happy for someone else to cart it away instead. Keep that in mind, especially in May when more students leave for good instead of for the holidays. Good luck.
  • dumster diving
    I must admit, my husband and his buddies from job sites dumster dive all the time. They do new home construction and find everything from carpet remnants the size of a 10 by 10 room, to kitchen cabinets to oak railings and windows. And these things are all brand new. The best time to go it a friday evening. EVERYTHING is new!!!!! The builders already charged the homebuyers for the items and don't use them and throw them away. What a waste! He have gotten oak flooring in 6 foot strips and when it is a developement, you can be sure there will be more! I told them i was going to buy them olympic dumster diving team tshirts. They do really well! Remember, you have to go to new home construction sites. They really get rid of great things! Shannon from pa