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  • I saw a little girl with a really cute harness and leash. Her mom said she bought it at a pet shop. Works for me!


  • Physical harnesses are no longer necessary
    Available now are electronic "child leashes" that are adjustable between 7 and 30 feet. They sound an alarm when the child moves past the threshold. Below is a web site I found that sells this type of product:

  • Interesting info, did you find out about this company?
  • Child harness
    I am the parent of a 5 year old boy who is profoundly deaf and
    ADHD. I have a bigger challenge on me with him than I did with
    my hearing child 15 yrs.ago. It is a undescribable feeling to see
    your child running away from you in the store or in the parking
    lot etc.. and you cannot call their name and expect them to
    hear you and stop.

    I have been told by law officials if i put a harness on my son
    then to expect to be approached by law officers who will
    have questions.

    All I can say is whoever feels the need to approach me and
    assume whatever they choose,then by all means go for it.

    Because God gave me the job of being a parent to protect
    him at all cost.
  • You shouldn't have to apologize for doing what's necessary to keep your child safe.
  • Thanks to all opinions on child leashes! I don't believe in using them, but my 4 year old ran off today for the 4th time! I'm a very attentive mom, hovering often. My son is so good about staying by me, then all of the sudden he feels independent and sure about where he's going and goes in an instant. I can't stare at him constantly. I was giving my 8 year old a kiss and assumed my 4 year old was still with me, he went to sit with grandma. I had the whole building looking for him and didn't dawn on me that he would return to grandma since we had said our good-byes. We're going to downtown S.F. in a couple of weeks then Disneyland this summer, just me and the two kids (husband is in conferences all day) I don't want to get a leash, and I don't want to cancel trips for fear of loosing him. Needless to say, my confidence is down. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Any advise is appreciated. P.S. my husband just wants us to stay home all the time and not risk loosing Matthew. Maybe it is a stage that we need to wait out???
  • keep track of your child
    Hi Wendy Leah,
    First I have to tell you that my youngest name is Leah and spelled the same way Second, I wanted to tell you about a product that is far better than a leash. Edited by Assistant Administrator. Multiple posting of this company will be considered SPAM by the rules at FC. This is not allowed. Please do not continue to post this website. They are Child Safety specialist who speak to the media and other caregiver committes about how to keep our children safe. My husband found this site last year when we were going on our vaca. to Bush Gardens. Our little Leah who was 2 at the time and always (til this day) going after her sister who is older. So he found on this site, brightly colored shirts for easy to spot, so that you know what your looking for, plus, our fav. are these child tags that you clip on your childs clothing in the event he/she should get lost. You place your cell # on it. Thank God we never had the experience of having to use these, but it gives me a peace of mind knowing that someone will get her back to us.
    I posted the Away from Home checklist in the Traveling Forum...that's another helpful list that we've turned too.
    Their products are very reasonable and the kids love to wear them.
    I hope this helps a little bit. It's so scary when we travel with our little ones. You just never know when their going to disappear.

    Lot's of luck...let me know what you think?!

  • My children are 2 and 3 (soon to be 3 and 4), and I believe in leashes. I am an army brat and my parents were stationed in Italy when I was a child. My mother "leashed" me to keep me from running off or falling off a ledge that went 300 feet down. According to her, that leash saved my life and her sanity more than once. Anyway, while most of the time I can handle my "near twins" (15 mths between them) when they're father is deployed (as he is now) and I have to take them everywhere with me without their father's help, I use the leashes on them. On top of saving me embarrasing moments when my children don't listen and run away even when I say to come back, they have saved them from getting hurt or worse, even killed. i.e. trying to run into the street or away from me in a parking lot. I just have one thing to say to the critics and people who think that leashing your child is treating them like animals or a sign of an inattentive parent: better to have a leashed child than a dead child.
  • Welcome to FC all the new people! I hope to see you around! Jump in and join us anytime.

    My children are ages 26 and my DD will be 24 next month. I remember when I was pregnant with her and my DS was a toddler. I saw these parents with their children on leashes. I was shocked and felt these parents should be whipped! Then, one day, I was pregnant and my hand were full of graceries. My DS nearl got killed running out in front of a car! Because my hands were full, I couldn't do anything. Then I knew WHO invented those leashes--mothers of toddlers!

    I think they are a great way to keep you children close to you and to keep them safe! Let people stare.
  • I had a harness for my 2 boys, I didn't use it often they were pretty good at holding hands or sitting in a stroller even holding the stroller, but if we went anywhere that we knew there would be a crowd and lots of people (shows, fetes, big shop centres) we'd put the harness on, put our wrist through the loop and still hold hands. That way if they did break free they couldn't go far or they felt that bit of freedom by still walking beside you.
    I remember my mum having a leather harness for my brother. Mine was nylon webbing.