Night-time diapers

  • How long did night-time diapers last in your home?

    What was your night-time method of diapering?
  • Longer than I liked!

    Diapers (double), pins, rubber pants, top of child's dresser (folded, stacked, ready)... child was changed into them in and around bedtime... earlier when needed. On evenings I was expecting a sitter, sitter was left in charge of diapering, unless it was later in the evening, and for those occasions I ensured child/children were diapered and/or changed and in their cribs, or changed and ready for bed.

    Always double diapers at night.
  • Double for cloth and then for my youngest, I ripped the inside of a lov's and put inside a whole one.
  • Now that's what I call a double-double!

    I occasionally triple-diapered, but stuffing a triple-diapered bottom into a pair of rubber pants was a pain, so I always stuck with double-folds, which always seemed to get the job done.