Kids spreading poo on the wall

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  • My cousin called me the other day asking for some advice on how do deal with a child that one, refuses to go to the bathroom on the potty she's 3 and 2 when her mom puts the diaper back on her, she goes and hides, does her business and then, wipes her feces all over the walls, floor, and her toys. I suggested that they make her clean it up herself, while supervising her and every time she finished one spot and moved to another, tell her how naughty her behavior was but other than that, I really have no other advice on how to stop the behavior. On top of this, the kids are both out of control and refuse to listen to their mother but will listen to their father. Any ideas?
  • My oldest did this! It was horrible.

    My advice is to not push the potty training. When she does, tell your cousin to get a drink and wet doll. Then, put some M&Ms in a little dish on out of reach of the child in the bathroom. Have the child teach the doll how to potty and then, when the doll potties, have the child give him/her the candy. Let the child watch other adults go potty as well, especially when they do the paperwork, so to speak. Have the adults make a big deal out of going poo poo on the potty and give themselves M&Ms. I always gave my kids 3 pieces when they did any business on the potty.

    I don't know if it is still in print, but there is a good book called, "Potty training in Less Than a Day." I am in no way suggesting that a child can be trained in 1 day, but the man who wrote that book has some marvelous ideas that he developed because he had to potty train retared adults. Good luck!
  • ok, here is how i see it. 3yo is way old to wear diapers. just take diapers away and she has no other choice than to do her things on the potty. first time may be frightening for her but with lot of praise, she will learn soon. i dont approve bribe. smalll potty dont have to be in the bathroom. we had our travelling in the rooms so that he was able to go as fast as possible. it is important to ask the child as often as possible if she/he needs to go. no need to be mad if there are accidents. our son first started peeing and then he was afraid to poop in the potty and asked diapers on. but one time he was in such an hurry that he pooped a bit to his udnies and then i just transported him to the potty and he did rest there. and after that he was off the diapers.
  • my son was easier to train than my daughter.
    When my son needed to pee I threw a few cheerios in the toilet and told him to sink the donuts....
    For the other I told him to drop bombs on the targets...Hey it
  • When I had the daycare center, I always had "targets" for the boys. It seems they enjoys aiming at something. LOL I like the Cheerios idea.
  • When my youngest was born, my older son had just finished potty training and he started pooping in his pants on my, I think he was trying to get attention. But after the first couple of times I got fed up and stuck him in the tub and sprayed him off with ice cold water. He wasn't impressed and he didn't do it again. I continued to warn him that if he pooped in his pants again he'd be washed off with cold water.
    If the kids are only listening to the father, it's just my opinion, but I think it would have something to do with the father's attitude towards the mother and its rubbing off on the kids. My husband has a temper problem and he would throw things and yell and break things when he got angry. Now he is seeing a therapist. But I noticed a huge change in my oldest son's attitude towards me now that he has stopped. If the father acts disrespectful towards the mother, the kids will do the same, so I'd look more closely at their relationship.
  • When my DS did it, it was because he liked playing in it like mud. He outgrew it, but it still remains in my memory as something horrible. LOL My DD was the total opposite as she potty trained herself. Part of the difference was that I didn't even try to potty train her. I figured she'd be ready when she was mature enough and she was.
  • I know when DD potty trained I used Dr. Phil's info. on potty training in one day. And yes she was potty trained in one day. And she was so proud of herself.

    Now, DS was one to poop in his pants. In fact he inherited the name smelly. And to this day, I can't help but wonder if we should have seeked professional help at that time, and maybe we wouldn't have the problems with him that we do to this day!

    And the other question I have if she is only three, and her mother knows she does this, why would she let her out of sight around that time?? I would grab her up and stick her on the potty, because if she knows enough to go and hide, she knows enough to go poty!!
  • Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I really appriciate them and I have been passing them onto my cousin and his wife. However, (and this is my bad. lol) I noticed when I reread my post I made one mistake. The boy is 3 and the girl is 2. Sorry I didn't make that clearer.
  • Tripp, I hope things work out well. I know my DS grew out of it and did fine.