Kids spreading poo on the wall

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  • My god-daughter did this. What we did (she was living with us) was to use duct tape on her diaper so she couldn't get it off. She was 18 months old at the time but it worked. We only had to do it for a few weeks.
  • ROTFL! Why didn't I think of that 25 years ago?
  • My SIL did the duct tape thing.. lol.. it stopped the "art work" but the problems of anger ( which is why my Nephew was doing this) took some time.

    I really believe that pooping is the one and only area kids have control of their lives. Some kids get really angry when we try to take control of that behavior!

    My DD, at 3 climbed up on her bed to be eye-level with me, put her little fists on her hips, and shaking her finger at me said " I WON"T do poopos on the potty! I love my diaper and YOU CAN"T MAKE ME!!" I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.. But I told her she was right, that she could let me know when she was ready.

    Three months later, she asked for Little Mermaid panties, and that was that. Not even a nighttime accident! Yes, she was 3 1/2, but she was ready... I think we have to respect their needs and not be on such a time-table...
  • I never had anger issues with my son. He just was interested in his doo-doo and thought it was fun to play with. He grew out of it after a few months, but oh what a terrible few months.
  • DeBora, Is he still artistic?
  • He's always been creative. As a child, he was the Dennis the Mennis type. He never meant to do bad, he was just naturally curious. He wanted to know what was on the inside of a chimmney, so while his grandparents were out of town, he climbed in! We were panic stricken with worry because we couldn't find him. He was supposed to be mowing their lawn. When he came home, he was covered with a black, powder-like substance. He acted like he didn't know how it got there and then fessed up as to how it got there. He's gone into attics and put a hole in the ceiling and on and on.

    To this day, if his grandparents don't bail him out, he finds a creative way to do everything he wants to do. He is also the luckiest thing I've ever seen! He finds $10 and $20 on the ground. He'll buy a lottery ticket once in awhile, just for the heck of it, and win big time.

    I personally think creative children are naturally curious. I psychologists don't even worry about bed wetting or pooping in the pants or walls until after the age of 4 or so--depending on the child and the reasons behind it.

    I don't think he played in his poo for more than a few months, but it seemed like an enternity. Adam laughs today when we talk about it, even though he has no memory of it.
  • Quote: My cousin called me the other day asking for some advice on how do deal with a child that one, refuses to go to the bathroom on the potty she's 3 and 2 when her mom puts the diaper back on her, she goes and hides, does her business and then, wipes her feces all over the walls, floor, and her toys. I suggested that they make her clean it up herself, while supervising her and every time she finished one spot and moved to another, tell her how naughty her behavior was but other than that, I really have no other advice on how to stop the behavior. On top of this, the kids are both out of control and refuse to listen to their mother but will listen to their father. Any ideas?
    My cousin's friend had a problem with her child doing this... I will ask her what she did. But you should check out the Surviving Motherhood show...I am pretty positive that they have an episode on potty training. Might be good to hear what other moms are going through...good luck!
  • Don't know if the safety pins and rubber pants kept my kids hands out of their diapers, but had any one of my kids dared try such a thing, I would have given them a good old-fashioned proper spanking like they had never had.