Fearful at 4

  • My normally confident and sociable 4 year old has suddenly become quite fearful, specifically about being alone. He will not use the bathroom alone, does not want to sleep alone, and doesn't want to be in any room of the house alone--even if he can see a family member in a nearby room.
    It's not something I can reason with him about.
    Any suggestions for ways I can help him get over his sudden fears?
  • Barb, has thre been anything as simple as a ghost story, scary movie or offhand comment by an older sibling/friend causing his anxiety? Some major seperation anxiety surrounds beginning preschool, a less than wonderful overnight at grandma's house, etc.

    If the anxiety worsens, look seriously at what might be going on in his life. It had gotten so bad with my oldest at this age that she started refusing to use the bathroom and would hide to defficate in her pants. It turned out she had been molested, and we were never able to find out by whom till many years later. It ended up being a family member.

    So hopefully it's just something developmental in a child at the brink of a great emotional and mental growth spurt.. but just have your radar up. I hope it's nothing to wory about.
  • YOu know what? This was posted 4 years ago! I don't know what it was all about but it blew over pretty quickly and he's been his regular self!