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sheilanfl 07-26-2004 01:01 PM

after daycare ideas for 22 month old
I have been lucky enough to be nominated to care for my dgd after my 10hr outside of home workday. Her parents do not get off work in time to pick her up before closing nor or they open on weekends that they sometimes have to work. We do have a 20 -30 minute commute so we spend that time discussing what we see & how her day was. She does not speak as clearly as mine did and her vocaublary is not as extensive but we're getting there. What I'm looking for is some fresh ideas for entertaining her while she learns. I had bought her some magnetic letters that she plays with while I prepare dinner for dh & dd. I know there is a grandparent thread here but I really wanted to get some ideas how newer mothers are teaching their babies. My babies range from 18yr - 26yr. so to say I'm a little rusty is an understatement. Any suggestions welcome & appreciated.

cacc 08-09-2004 04:10 PM

For fine motor skill, try shaving cream. Squart on a table and watch the fun begin. Pratice drawing circles and other shapes in the shaving cream. This is not only entertaining for the toddler but has a great smell ( another sensory lesson) and cleans the table. At 22 months children learn more from repeated activities. Also singing songs and using finger plays with the songs is great.
Using 4 and 6 piece puzzles is another learning experience. Hope these ideas help.

sheilanfl 08-10-2004 03:51 AM

Thank you!^^ What a terrific idea I know she will have a blast with her "Bopa's" my dh's shaving cream...and I was wondering about the puzzles I just didn't want her to get so frustrated. I found a placemat that you color on and then just wipe off with those cheap wax crayons from the $ Store and her just trying to put the crayons back in the container seems to frustrate her so :confus: so maybe those bigger 3D puzzles would help. I have to tell you how wonderful my membership to has been. I had been looking at all the thrift shops, yard sales, etc for a wagon to pull her in, after being in daycare I figured a nice stroll in the neighborhood would be relaxing & fun. Well I posted an add requesting a wagon, and yesterday I got an email & follow up call that someone had one....It's a "Berlin Flyer" wooden with removeable wood sides, air tires, easily a $100.00 wagon "FREE" it was just wonderful seeing her dance when she saw it & of course she had to sit & be pulled in it inside the house :goof: nothing doing she even ate her supper in it.

VicRae 08-13-2004 08:22 AM

I saw this post and was wondering if you had tried to fingerpaint with pudding on a plate or can be done on paper. It would be non-toxic and fun for a snack time at home. Another activity would be threading fruit flavored cereal pieces on to a pice of yarn and use a large bobby pin tied on to the end of the yarn. You can do color sequencing and tie the ends together for a necklace and she can eat off of it. Much more healthier than the candy necklaces. You can make small bean bags and let her throw them into an empty paint bucket or an empty plastic icecream bucket. If you make the bean bags yourself you can make each one a different color of material and teach her the colors before going to school. You can also make a lacing board out of cardboard and a hole punch with a large shoestring. This will help with her learning how to lace and tie her own shoes herself. If you have or can get a large sized doll, you can get dresses and other clothes with the snaps or velcro closures or buttons. These are all good learning tools to help her get herself dressed. Sometimes you can contact a printing company and get the ends of the paper rolls for a small cost or free. She could color/paint or draw on it. Maybe even try to write the abc's on it. Hope these ideas will help you out.

ajrsmom 08-14-2004 07:52 AM

Ideas - Activities
by Bernadine Sevy

Little Ones

Here are a few ideas for Home Schooling with pre-schoolers. They are sometimes too little to do what everyone else is doing but we donít dare leave them out because it can be dangerous. In my home theyíd be making a mess in another room, heading for the street or turning on the television. Television has itís place, but resist the urge to plonk them in front of Teletubbies and try some of the following.

Play dough and cutters
Beads and shoe laces
Pattern blocks
Small puzzles
Paper and crayons
Sewing cards
A small chalkboard and chalk
Lincoln logs
Magnetic letters
Wipe off books and wipe off crayons
Watercolors and rocks to paint on
Use shoe box size plastic bins to organize these activities, so that you and the children can see what is inside, this prevents them from dumping everything out and then rooting through it all.

Decide how many activities you want them to have available and then fill the need. The idea is for them to pick a container and sit in the same room that you have Home school in and keep busy, rotating to a different activity when they are done with one. Encourage them to clean up one bin before getting out another. Playing at the same table with your home schoolers can be distracting, so another spot would be good. When pre-schoolers are in the same room with you, they are more likely to be interested in school themselves and it is amazing what they pick up while they play. Also they wonít feel resentful and demand attention, disrupting your line of thought as youíre trying to explain something.

It is a good idea to try and keep the projects simple, using as little of your help as possible, and educational, remembering that play is learning for children.

Lastly, save these activity bins only for school time only. That way they will have something to look forward to each day.

article for [email protected]

ajrsmom 08-14-2004 07:59 AM

more ideas....

Games for growing

Help your child learn how things can be alike or different.

How to play
Find three or four each of about four different things, like four playing cards, four ribbons, four spoons, four leaves. Mix these up, and put them in a pile or a bowl. Ask your child to sort them into piles of things that are alike. If your child wants, you can take a turn at sorting, too. To make the game harder, you can make all the things almost alike, such as four small paper squares, four medium-sized paper squares, and four large paper squares. Remember: Play this and any game only as long as it's fun for your child and for you.

Help your child use her body and her imagination.

How to play
Ask your child to imitate familiar things like a flower, a tree, a train, a dog, a boat, Daddy driving a car. Take turns being the flower, the tree, and so on.

Help your child learn the difference between one and two.

How to play
Play a special game with your child, showing her groups of things that have one, two, three or more in them. You can use small toys, books, paper cups, flowers, milk caps, or other small, safe things for this game. Encourage her to pick out the group that is one. Put two objects together, and ask her how many. Put one object out, and ask her how many. Then let her ask you.
Playing make-believe Imagination is a wonderful thing. We can help our children develop it. Children love to pretend they are someone important and powerful, like a super hero, doctor, teacher or parent. An imaginary friend can be a special kind of companion. This is a good, healthy part of growing up. It helps children practice for the future. It gives them pleasure and comfort. Dr. Burton White found in his studies that well-developed young children often pretended they were someone else -- usually an adult. He also found that most of these children had received a lot of encouragement from their parents to do fantasy play. Join your child in fantasy play. You will make this important play even more special for your toddler, and encourage her creativity.

sheilanfl 08-16-2004 12:59 PM

^^ Thanks to all of you for such terrific ideas. I had forgotten so many, and the memories came flooding back at the mention of sewing cards, match up, bean bag toss, etc...Thanks you so much & Leah will thank you too.:clapp: I am picking her up from daycare in about 20 or so minutes & can't wait to try some of these. I printed out your suggestions should my Aquired Age Deficit Disorder kick in again :-D

joshandmama 10-15-2004 09:31 PM

^^ These are some great ideas. I have a 22 month old son, Joshua and I have been looking for different ideas to keep him busy. I a now a stay at home mom and want to keep him learning and busy. Thanks :)

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