Marble tiles

  • Hi every one,

    I would like a different look for my living room and salon, I would like to remove the carpeting, then put a layer of marble tiles.
    It's quite expensive + I don't like having the house full of workers while my kids are off school (soon). So I thought of doing it myself.
    Any idea any one on what to buy and how to start?
    It seems that i'll need to first put a layer of send then the tiles.
    By the way it's all concrete, no wood panels.
    I hope someone can help Thanks Vera;-)
  • i was looking into using marble tiles once myself, but had to balk when i found out that the floors had to be reinforced to hold the weight.

    be sure to check this out before doing any DIY on this.

    otherwise, good luck.

  • Marble Tiles
    Ugh, we did the downstairs in ceramic tile and it was a major job. However, we did put ours directly onto the concrete slab which made it easier but you've got to make certain that it's extremely even. Ours wasn't and we had to buy a bunch of leveling compound and that's pretty expensive after a while. I think it ran about $40 a bag and only did a small area. No sand is put down first, you use the mud and that's what holds it in place and then you put the grout on it which is a mess to clean up afterwards. Had to mop about ten times to get the residue off finally. I went to Home Depot and took a class on it and it's hard word because the tiles are heavy but when it's done you'll love it. We had the spacers to use between the tiles and I personally found it easier to not use them and just look and I could tell if it was even or not. Good luck and I hope it turns out beautiful for ya.