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Darla253 01-22-2005 02:47 PM

Do you remove your shoes...
When you enter your home do you automatically remove your shoes? I'm in Texas and you don't find many people here that request that but I do have one friend and there's a sign telling you to remove your shoes. I really think nothing of it, take them off and go about my business but what about a holiday party where we're all dressed up? How would you handle that if it were your home? You walk in the house and all you see are shoes lined up against the wall and this is a gorgeous home and they hired someone to decorate it and that just takes away from everything.

Abear 01-22-2005 06:16 PM

I take off my shoes as soon as I walk into my matter if it's flip flops, tennis shoes or heels......I can't stand to wear shoes! In the winter, I'll walk around the house in my sock feet but during the summer, I go bare foot as much as I can. I grew up in Houston and going barefoot in warm weather was a normal thing.

If your friend's home is as nice as I am picturing given that they had it professionally done, I can't say that I blame them for asking guests to remove their can do damage to expensive floors, carpets & rugs.

However, I do think they could come up with a better system than to have all the guest's shoes lined up along the wall by the entry way! Perhaps a coat closet with several shoe racks in it specifically for that purpose?? :confus: :confus: :confus:

Little Lisa 01-22-2005 06:57 PM

Yes, i take off my shoes in my house and if people don't mind that i don't in theirs then it is up to them. But i tell ya what, my friend laughs at me, but if i want to be speedy and get my house cleaned then i will put a pair of shoes on tell i get ready to mop.

Darla253 01-22-2005 10:05 PM

Having been born and raised in Texas I don't wear shoes much either unless I just have to or if it's winter but around the house I don't but I do take them and put them in their boxes on the shelves in the closet. I know in Japan when you enter a home there's a bench like chest where they keep their shoes, or so I'm told, and they always take theirs off to show respect.
Their house is gorgeous. The downstairs has marble flooring except for a patch of carpet where the main living room furniture is and everything is beautiful until you see near the front door and there's ten pairs of shoes lined up against the wall. I asked if they wanted one of those benches but they said it'd make it too crowded there and they're right, between all the shoes and stuff. LOL.
If someone comes to my house I natually don't ask them to take their shoes off, I've got four dogs that rule the roost here so having the carpets cleaned is just one of those monthly things for me.
I really just wondered if others did this. I'd love to have white or off white carpet and then I'd make sure no one wore shoes on it except my little doggies would have to learn to adjust to wearing slippers.

barbszy 01-23-2005 05:32 AM

My shoes stay on ALL the time. I'm not comfortable without shoes; my feet are always cold. The few time I have visited homes where I was asked to remove my shoes, I just hated it.

sunny_mom 01-28-2005 08:40 AM

My shoes are off as soon as I can. I walk around with out shoes(actually every body that I know does too). In winter I walk around with my little fluffy slip ons that I wear mostly when I am on the tiled floors.
Even at work, I take my shoes off but no body can see under my desk

Melanie 01-28-2005 08:41 AM

I never wear shoes in my own home, simply because I hate wearing shoes. I go barefoot all summer. When I go into someone else's home, I always remove my shoes simply because that's how I was brought up. We were taught that it's not polite to track dirt from your shoes into someone else's house. I know it's a regional and cultural thing because I've had this discussion on an online list I belong to and we found that it depends on where you live.

I would prefer that people take off their shoes when they come into my house (especially since I have beautiful, shiny hardwood flooring in my kitchen and it scratches easily), but I would never ask them to. If they don't take off their shoes, well then I just grin and bear it. :-)

As for a holiday party, that's a hard one. Usually people are dressed up and their shoes are part of their "ensemble". If women are wearing pantyhose and they take off their shoes, then their feet will get cold. In that case, I'd just keep my shoes on.


lrivetz 01-28-2005 09:05 AM

shoes off
I always leave my sleepers outside and my shoes would go directly into the shoe rack by the door. It is amazing how much dirt you can vacuum on your carpet or tile floor without bringing your shoes or sleepers in, imagine when you wear them in the house.

kellyandkids 01-28-2005 09:53 AM

Oh don't get me started!!
Nothing like getting dressed for a nice party and having the hostess demand you take off your shoes and walk around in your panyhose and feel stupid. I absolutely refused one day to do so. Paddling around barefooted in a fancy suit looks so stupid. And my feet get cold.

.:party: See these guys have their shoes on!

So I have taken to bringing "house quality" dress shoes that I put on at the door and let the hostess explain that I was a smart guest and brought clean shoes so I don't look and feel dorky. I am a grown up for heavens sake and shouldn't have to be admonished to wipe my feet at the door.

Now at my house, I warn people that to take off your shoes means walking around at your own risk. There are young chilren leaving mystery puddles and legos and such an the floor.

To make them feel at ease, I say, if my hubby won't take off his shoes, why should you or I?

Frankly, since my days doing daycare on my feet all day, I know how important good foot support is. I went out and bought high quality running shoes before the all purpose cross-trainers were available. I could not work in my slippers all day long.
How silly. :walk:

moonlight7275 01-28-2005 12:06 PM

My parents are from Japan and we have always taken our shoes off at the door. Now, I am 32 years old, married with two kids, and I still make everyone take their shoes off. It's just nasty on stuff you may step on in the outside world, whether it's gum or dog poop. And I sure as heck don't want that stuff coming in on my floors. Sure we clean our carpets, but shoes are made to protect your feet when you walk. My feet don't need that kind of protection inside a home.

Fortunately, most of our visitors take their shoes off at the door without being asked to. Some do it because they do it, some do it for respect.

As far as a party, even though I was raised to take shoes off at the door, to have such a party, I think it would be asking too much to do that for so many guests, and as stated earlier, shoes are part of the ensemble. After a party, you're going to have to clean up anyway, why not clean the carpet too?

I do remember my parents would have some small dinner parties, but they were with other Japenese people. So, they would naturally take their shoes off and we would have enough slippers for the guests to wear. This is traditional in Japan as well.

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