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  • Oh, I also wanted to say that I too, don't like having shoes on when inside the house, but can't stand to go barefoot outside of the house. I grew up in Texas and had a lot of friends that would walk barefoot outside, and I just couldn't do it! But I am very comfortable barefooted when inside.

    When my feet get cold, I put on a pair of knitted socks. Again, that came from the Japanese. They would wear "sock covers" during winter days. That's why my mom and family loves socks that I knit! Anyway, knitted socks help keep my feet warm and whenever I have friends come over and their feet get cold, I pull out a clean pair for them to borrow while visiting.

  • I always take my shoes off when I come in ,in the winter I live in my Isotoner slippers and summer just flip flops around the house, I cant stand going barefoot, mainly because I cant stand the bottom of my feet getting the slightest bit dirty! DH takes his work boots off when he gets in but he usually has walked halfway into the kitchen by then so the floor(especially now with the snow) gets messy,but at least I can wipe it up and he doesnt make it to the rugs.Usually when we have company I never tell them to take their shoes off unless I happen to notice someone with real muddy shoes, and alot of our friends automatically take them off this time of year anyhow, because you always have snow and mud etc on your shoes.When my GD's come the first thing they do is take off their shoes, I taught my dd well,LOL.

    Hugs Sandie
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! Our shoes come off the second we're inside the door - because we hate to wear them. We don't ask visitors to take off their shoes, but most of them do when they see it's what we do. When I go to someone elses house, I usually take off my shoes out of habit.

    I have a friend who keeps a basket full of knit slippers next to her door for guests to wear.
  • Oh, that's a great idea! I like that, put a basket of knit slippers next to the door. I'm going to have to steal that idea.

    Yes, you're right, most people will take their shoes off if they see that you do. I haven't had to tell people (except my kids, since they are "in training") to do so but I remember when I was little, my parents always told me to tell my friends they had to take their shoes off and that wasn't easy!
  • OOO this is a hotbed for our family.
    My Hubbys cousin got light colored carpet and started asking people to
    (oops no actually i mean telling people that they had to remove their shoes) when they came over. Then she offerd her place for a place to hold my sil baby shower because it was large enough. I couldnt believe it. She had all these women she didnt even know piling their shoes up by the door. What if someone has foot troubles or smells? is that kind to your other guests? I have my shoes off all the time at home but would never tell someone they had to take their shoes off at the door. Perhaps if they had terrible allergies or an autoimmune problem i could see it. But that dirt that can collect up on our floors is easily handled by the vast array of cleaning products that are on the market. Buy a good vacumn and a good brushy type door mat for the out side of the door as well as a good rug for just inside. I found it to be insulting to be told i had to take off my shoes and others commented on the same thing. Yes it did look tacky having all those shoes piled up by the door and it was difficult to find your shoes when it was time to leave. I have since stopped going to their house. Yes they have other non essential annoying habits that are driving the family nuts, but the shoe thing takes the cake. And guess what, they dont take their shoes off when they go to someone elses house with light colored carpeting or shiny floors. I was told once that the taking off of shoes in other countries like Japan was started also because of different kinds of furniture that you couldnt comfortably sit on with heavy shoes on. Maybe i heard wrong.

    Personally i love to go shoeless and anybody is welcome to take their shoes off in my house provided their feet dont stink. I cant imagine telling someone to take their shoes off. Maybe a basket of handmade slippers and a big doormat would make the best Christmas present for them. I would also be concerned with someone slipping on a hardwood floor or tile in their stocking feet. OK thanks for reading. I got that out of my system. Liking to go without shoes inside and telling everyone to not wear them inside are two different issues. Lets all go party with our without shoes. Its Friday night!!!!

    Happy Weekend all!!!

    Blessings! SueG
  • What a RUDE cousin!! I can't imagine asking anyone to take off their shoes! My house is not a showplace - it's a place I want people to feel comfortable in.

    My son was stationed in Japan for a while, and made friends with a Japanese family. There, everyone left their shoes inside the door. But when the family thought it was time for a guest to leave, the guest would find his shoes had been placed outside the door.
  • See, it is the custom there but at least they portrayed hospitality at its best. They had things prepared for their guest to leave when it was time. I like that. Customs are one thing but evident rudeness is another. I just cant see our cousin lining up everyones shes for them when it was time to leave. LOL They would probably freak out at having to touch someone elses shoes lol.
  • Removing Shoes
    I really do not feel comfortable with out my shoes on. I have never been to any ones house who had people remove their shoes. I think I may have heard of one person who told people to do this. Perhaps it's my age but I would be highly insulted if someone wouldn't let me visit unless I took off my shoes. I think a home is to be lived in and enjoyed. I personally would not go to any ones home who made a request like that. It's the same type of situation as a relative of mine who covers all her furniture with sheets until someone comes to visit. To me, this is not a home.
  • Yes. We do remove our shoes at our door when we enter the house. MY rule. Only because we had new carpeting put down 18 months ago and I want it to last a very long time. Don't know when we will be able to afford it again.

  • Removing shoes
    One country where it is usual to remove shoes when you enter someones house is Canada. Perhaps because of the snowy and cold winters here people always remove their shoes. I do not know when it started but who wants wet, icy and often muddy shoes on your carpet. My husband and I always take a pair of slippers to put on when we go to some one else's house for the evening. I found it interesting that many of you in Texas do not wear shoes in your homes.