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janet 02-21-2007 04:25 AM

Great Tips Pippe,

I love the splinter one..I have also used a piece of tape and then pulled it off in the direction I thought the splinter went in...worked for me!

Also, I have used shampoo that I didnt like for my hair to wash clothes before..and I have used conditioner that I didnt like, to use as softener...such a savings instead of throwing them in the trash.

Here is one of my newest tips:

When applying mascara, leave your mascara wand outside of the tube for a minute or so, so it can dry off a little..mascara right out of the tube is so wet, it will I hate clumpy lashes..I also learned to stay away from waterproof mascara, for I feel they clump more..or at least the ones I tried did.

:clover: janet

HAPPY6 03-09-2007 08:00 PM

I have a helpful easy tip for candle wicks. To keep candle wick even use finger nail clippers each time you go to relight them. I found that it also cuts down on your candle burning black, which gives you an uneven scent. This is much easier then trying to use a pair of scissors to cut the wick.:mush"

BuddyBeanieBaby 03-09-2007 09:15 PM

Want to relieve the itch from a Sunburn...

A couple of years ago while hubby and I were out in the boat fishing...we both ended up with sunburns...oh we looked like 2 bears trying to scratch our backs against a tree...we tried everything,including Aloe Vera...which we soon realized that neither one of us can use...both allergic to I filled the kitchen sink with cold water and 1/2 cup of baking soda...I grabbed a white t-shirt and soaked it for a couple of minutes...had hubby put the t-shirt on while it was wet and I tell you the itching stopped and so did the scratching and so did the burning from the sunburn...It worked great...I always keep a couple of boxes of Baking Soda in the house at all times...

HAPPY6 03-10-2007 08:11 PM

Here's a hint to prevent lint from clinging to clothes. Add one cup of Vinegar to each wash load. --------------Another hint to prevnt ice from forming on a car windshield over night. Use three parts white or apple cider vinegar to one part water. Put into a spray bottle, and spray the window with:4leaf: this solution.

janet 03-15-2007 10:43 PM

I have highlighted hair and it seems to get so dry in the winter, in desperation,I went to the kitchen, grabbed my olive oil and poured a small amount into my hands...I rubbed it into my hands so it glistened...then I started to run my hands through my DRY hair from the bottom up..paying close attention to the ends.
What can I hair looks MARVELOUS now!

Hugs, Janet:clover:

debknechtel 03-16-2007 06:58 PM

this more of a cooking tip but when you have a recipe that calls for measuring a sticky substance like honey, corn syrup etc. spray a little pam on your measuring utensil...they syrup will all slide out perfectly not leaving any behind.

Hugs Debbie

debknechtel 03-16-2007 07:01 PM

Here is anouther tip for the kitchen. When you have done the unthinkable me.... and burned a food to the bottom of your pot and left a nice baked on black mess....squirt dishwasher soap in the pan add a inch or so of water and put on the stove. bring to a boil and all the mess will lift up and be easy to clean. I am famous for doing this by boiling steamed broccoli dry!!!

Hugs Debbie

Lisa-b 03-16-2007 07:34 PM

A tip once your fake flowers are cleaned spray them with hair spray .

Minny 03-22-2007 04:22 PM

Super glue
If you get super glue on your fingers while gluing something, never ever try to pull it'll tear your skin!!! Use nail polish remover & it will dissolve the super glue. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Pag36 03-22-2007 05:37 PM

Thanks for the tip sure wish I knew that before. But now I do

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