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  • Cedar Wood Mulch
    Hi! interesting read about carpenter ants!

    When I moved into our new place, I found spiders, ants, and earwigs all around the foundation of our home. I pulled out all the landscaping around the foundation, dumped servin dust and put new soil down. When I replanted I put in rose bushes, a layer of newspaper then CEDAR mulch! No more bug problems!

    We used to get all types of spiders in our house, the big hairy kind! Now we get none. It has been 10 years now.

    This worked for me.

  • Thanks Kasparcat!

    I am the person with Immune problems and who was overloaded with these little critters.

    We did get Middleton to come out and exterminate and treat the yard as well as the house. I have been sweeping and vacuuming up thousands of corpses over the past 10 days. Finally in the last two days they have diminished a great deal.

    The guy from Middleton came yesterday to do a followup in the yard. He absolutely claims that this is a safe product for people and pets. So far there have been no adverse reactions that I can see at all.. except for the demise of a zillion ants.

    Thanks for all the great feedback here. I have printed much of it, and will look for responses about the chemical reactions that are possible, if anyone has that info.Moonweb
  • Lots of different ants!!!
    Okay what do I do to take care of three different types of ants. Little black ones, little reds ones, and larger black ones. they are in the kitchen and bathroom mostly. the little ones are sometimes on the floor but ususlly they are on the walls. I have the larger ones on the cabinets and the stove.

    I have tried to find where they come in but I haven't been able to find anything that looks like it. there is no line of them like I have had before.

    I have 2 little girls, 4 cats (1 is ready to drop babies any day) and 3 adults with various allergies. so what do you think i should do.

    How do you apply the DE that several have talked about? Do you use it inside as well as outside? If you use it inside how do you apply it so that you keep animals out of it?

    I was so glad to find this thread. I came in ready to start a new thread to see if anyone could tell me what kind of ants we had and if they knew how to get rid of them. And here is a thread already going lol hahaha Always a step ahead of us aren't you Amanda? !!!!!!!
  • carpenter ants
    Dear Sandy

    You asked how to apply DE. DE has the consistency of talcum powder and acts as such. I just grab a small handful and sprinkle it where I want it to go. For large areas, I take a fine strainer, and sift as if using powdered sugar. There is no threat to animals or kids. And if used outside, the rain will wash it away. My husband found some tiny worms working their way up from the carpet today (ick). Don't know where they came in from, but I suspect the dogs brought the eggs in from old pieces of wood. A sprinkling of DE quickly ended their brief lives. About 3 years ago our property was invaded by big, biting black ants. I don't know if these were carpenter ants, but they made life miserable outside for us and the pets. I dumped about 20# of DE on the property and within a month there was no sign of any ants. I don't know why, but DE doesn't seem to affect other insects. I highly recommend it for an effective, non-toxic treatment for less than desirable bugs. I also read in some books for old time treatments that people used to bake DE in biscuits or muffins as a treatment for intestional worms. Makes sense, the DE would shred the worms and then both DE and worms would be passed out of the digestive system with no after affects. The pieces of DE are too small to hurt humans or pets.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Peggy
    I appreciate all the information you sent my way. It will be helpful I know. I can hardly wait to get to the garden store to get some DE. Have to wait till tomorrow after my dh gets paid.

    I'll let you know how it all works on all the ants we have.

    Thanks again

  • Sandy,

    Before going to a garden shop for DE, check the yellow pages for pool supplies. DE can cost up to $4.00 for a one pound box, whereas I bought 50# for about $13.00 at our local pool store. DE is used in the filtering system for swimming pools, but it's the same stuff found at the gardening centers.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Always good to save money every way we can.
  • Ultimate Carpenter Ant Killer Recipe.

    - 1 Part Borax
    - 1 Part Powdered Sugar or granulated white sugar

    Mix together ingredients, pour directly on affected area(s).

    No more Carpenter Ants.