Iron - Care and Cleaning

  • Iron - Care and Cleaning


    Empty iron while hot so heat will dry out cavity.
    Always dry and cool before putting away.

    To remove melted plastic and fabrics, heat at low
    setting just until material softens, and scrape off with
    a smooth piece of wood, a wooden spatula or half a
    clothespin. If some remains, make a paste with baking
    soda and water and rub or try silver polish. Wipe off
    with damp cloth. For a non-stick soleplate, rub gently
    with nylon mesh pad and suds. Acetone or nail polish
    remover may remove melted polyester.

    If steam iron clogs from minerals in water, follow
    use-guide directions for cleaning, or use a commercial
    iron cleaner. A fine needle in the nozzle hole may open
    it again. Sometimes "steaming" will remove lint clogging
    the iron; fill with at least 1/4 cup water, set it to
    "steam", and hold in the air or set flat on wire rack
    over heat and moisture resistant surface like counter
    protective mat. Let steam until empty. Using only
    distilled water in steam irons helps avoid mineral
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