Cardboard stored stained baby clothes

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  • Hi - I recently unpacked a box of baby clothes that were given to me, they were stored in a cardboard box and many of the white clothing has yellowish spots all over it. It's not spit-up or any stain, some of the spots are where you wouldn't think things would get stained.
    Anyway - my question is this: how do I go about getting rid of this. The clothes cannot be bleached, it's like a white collar on a blue outfit or a white outfit with colored embroidery all over it.
    Any suggestions, I"m willing to try most anything.
    Thanks for the help -
    Laurie W.
  • I recently bought some used baby clothing that I got for a great deal at a consignment shop but they had some stains like that too. Heres what I did....I filled the washer with half hot water and half warm water then added 3 scoops of Oxyclean to it, let it aggitate just a minute. Add the clothes and aggitate for about 3-5 minutes. Then I turned off the washer and let them soak for a whole day. After that, I washed them in a regular cycle and dryed them. They came out great looking.

    Good Luck,
  • Felsnatha soap
    Try Felsnaptha soap, it's supposed to get out even grass stains. They have a web site that gives alot of info. and instructions on how to use and they many uses of. you can find this in the laundry aisle, it's cheap about 1.09 a bar here in Ohio.

  • Hi
    Just read your delema over stained baby clothes. I had the same problem. I brought out some old clothes my daughter had, baby nighties and little dressess. She is a new mom now and wanted to have some of her things for her new little baby girl.
    I did exactly the same thing as another person replyed here. I soaked them in Oxyclean. It's fantastic!!
    I hope it works for you too.
    Donna Spangenberg
  • I had the same problem with clothes I pulled out for baby #3....age gap 6 years between him and the next older one. I pretreated the stains with "Zout" prewash according to the bottle directions, then washed as usual and hung them on the line on a sunny day. Almost everything came out looking great.
  • Hi there

    I have 2 solutions to your problem. When I had my second baby I found some clothes that had the same problem as yours. With my first I had only ever used Ivory or Dreft or whatever baby soap I could get on sale and had many that were stained even though they were clean and when I had him I decided to try to use only Tide for his clothes and got many if not all the stains out. The other suggestion I would suggest to use would definitely be Oxy Clean as well. I have many things that were dirty from when we moved last year and being in storage for a month was afraid that many of the things would have a really bad smell and I was using the Oxy Clean with my regular laundry so that was when I started using it most of the time for alot of different dirt or stains or just the smells from when my son plays outside in the sandbox and has been smelling like a little mud man from being outside so long.
    I hope these will help you to get the smell out as well as the dirt.
    By the way I have been using Tide for many many years as well as my mom always using it for my whole life and also having 2 very young kids does make Tide worth every cent it costs to buy it!!!!
  • I had the same problem - but that was before Oxyclean was invented!

    This is what I did and it worked like magic!

    I bought some Biz. Fill the washer, put in 2-3 scoops of Biz. Let it agitate just enough to mix in the Biz. Add the baby clothes. Again, let it agitate for about 5-7 mins. Stop the washer. Let it soak over night. The next morning, add detergent and finish the cycle! You might want to run the clothes through a second rinse to make sure they don't have any residue left in them!

    Good Luck!
  • Hi there. I have always gone back to using bluing. I can't imagine anything better for getting whites white and colours bright. It will also take out hard water stains which is great for where we live.

  • Removing Stains
    To remove stains from anything white (even if it has colors in it) is to take 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup bleach mixed with 5 gallons of watter in a bucket. Soak overnight and just pour into the washer and was as usual in the morning. Takes the stanes out every time. Will even take out ink stains from good shirts without destroying them.
    Jackie S
  • I had the same problem with stains. Here are a couple of tricks that I have used that worked well. Try lemon juice. Put it on the stain, let it stand and even better put it in a sunny area for a few hours, then wash as usual. Dishwahser soap works well too, especially on food stains. Make a paste rub it on and let it sit for a couple of hours then wash. These work well rather than bleach because you can just put them right on the spot and not have to put it all over the whole garment.

    Hope you get the stains out!