Backhoe Grease

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  • Ltos of responses here.............I used to work in a Motorcycle shop and the guys used


    to wash the bikes...............try that, I'll bet it will work great.
  • DH did a test of some of your ideas this weekend. He put WD-40 on some areas, Dawn dish soap on some and Greased Lightning on some. The verdict is.... Dawn did the best job! The WD-40 left circles of grease stains where he sprayed it. Looked worse than the original grease spots. The Greased Lightning seemed to leave a hint of a bleached white look. (the shirt is dark tan) He also used the Dawn on the collar and it did wonders, but didn't get it all so he's going to try shampoo next just for the collar. None of them took it out completely. Thanks to you all, I think he had fun with it. (at my house everyone does their own laundry! plus we each have one towel to use for one week, thus I only have to wash towels every two weeks) I keep telling them that I am NOT the house maid!
  • Great info thread!