Fabric Softeners???

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  • PA-ers
    I live in a small town called Leesport. It is by Reading, PA. Where are you guys from?
  • Hi Stava2202,
    I am from Altoona, PA.
  • Dryer Sheet Usage

    Hello! I also agree -- there are some great ideas in this thread!

    I also love Downey, but can't afford it. I use either the generics from WalMart, Dollar General, or Family Dollar. The latter two are a bit cheaper. I cut the sheets in half and it works just fine for all of us.

    Another method to consider: When I first met my mother in law, she and her mom lived together and so had to be very frugal. They used an old piece of towelling (cut up bath or hand towels, or an old facecloth), soak it in fabric softener, and would get many uses out of it. They just put it right into the dryer after pouring on the initial coating of liquid fabric softener. I visited there and found that this method worked quite well. No staining, etc.

    Also: Welcome to all the new neighbors and friends! You will really enjoy this website with all the wonderful tips, discussions, and free or almost free offers.

    With Prayer and Blessing!