Fabric Softeners???

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  • I have very sensitive skin and have a hard time finding detergents and fabric softeners that don't give me a rash. What I like to do is fill the Downy Ball with white vinegar and throw it in the wash as usual. It works very well. I never have a problem with static.

    I make my own wrinkle reducer. In a spray bottle, mix several tablespoons fabric softener and fill the rest with water. Shake before each use. I think it works just as well.
  • Babs
    I had heard of doing that before somewhere in a woman's magazine (I think!).....except the method I read about used a washcloth.

    Question - how long does the half of a sponge last before you toss it and start on another?

    I think I would rather use the sponge rather than a washcloth.

    I do believe the next time I am at Wally World, I am going to pick up some sponges!
  • Reading these posts brought to mind something I learned a while back. Dont use fabric softner of any kind on your towels, it cuts their absorbancy in half.
    Downey enhancher has my vote, the calming mist scent is my fav. my whole house smells like it when I do laundry.
  • Abear93

    I use one half of a sponge at least a couple of months because it dries right along with the clothes. The synthetic sponges for household chores work fine. They do not need to be expensive ones. Regarding the vinegar: I use about 1/2 cup in my rinse water also to make sure all of the soap is out. There are so many uses for vinegar, I had no idea.

  • My family stopped using liquid fabric softener after seeing a program a couple of years ago (I think it was W5). They reported and demonstrated that clothing that was manufactured flame retardant became highly flammable after only a few washes with liquid softener. Dryer sheets, however, did not have this problem. THey tried the experiment with multiple brands of softeners, and the results were the same: clothes softened with liquid burned, clothes softened with sheets didn't. Scary.
  • Hi armedwithjello,

    I never heard that but it kinda makes sense. It does give me a reason to check it out. Thanks for the info.
  • :p I use liquid and sheet fabric softener. I use Tide or All Detergent, Final Touch Liquid Fabric Softener and Snuggle Sheet Fabric Softener. I love the smells of my clothing. The smell lasts all day!:p
  • Hi Stava2202
    Where are you from in PA? I moved to Fla. from PA. I too use Tide or All. I use Bounce dryer sheets when I don't feel like using downey & sponge.
  • Hi fellow & former Pa-ers ! Where are ya from ? Come and talk to us under the Pennsylvania thread in the Regions forum.

    See ya there !!

  • fabric sorteners
    hello to everyone!!!!

    my personal experience with fabric softeners is :

    downy works very well for softness and lond lasting smell-liquid and fabric softener sheets-regular scent only-some of the other scents-especially that tropical bloom one-is soooo overpowering that it gives me a headache.:mad:

    i also like CLING FREE brand-"powder fresh scent "sheets
    (they are not that weird blue foam sheet anymore)
    they have a nice fresh sunny laundry smell and are not overpowering. i use half a sheet sometimes.

    bounce dryer sheets also work great and softness lasts long.
    if you like ALOT of scent -try GAIN scented bounce dryer sheets.
    but they also give me a headache (too perfumey)

    snuggle liquid works good-so do the sheets-but seem less concentrated compared to Downy

    also- i have tried Walmart dryer sheets-seem okay-but seemed less concentrated -but were a little less $. their liquid softner looked watered down compared to others.

    also tried liquid Kroger brand fab softener-worked as well as downy-and wonderful scents-i do wonder if it might be the same????

    i also tried XTRA once-both the liquid laundry soap and the liquid fabric sortener were horrible- less suds and seemed very watered down-and very little softening!!

    one important trick i learned- on the XTRA liquid fabric softener and even downy liquid softener-you really have to watch if it states the USES PER BOTTLE or JUST THE OUNCES PER BOTTLE.
    some stores will carry one or both-tricking consumers into thinking you are getting more than you are. i noticed this at Family Dollar , Dollar General, and at some grocery stores. if you check the front of the bottle and the back - if it doesnt state the amount of uses per bottle or states use 1 ounce per load -be careful-you can be getting the less concentrated old version and paying more per use.!!!!!! that XTRA brand for example-doesnt compare to the same size bottle of other brands sitting on the shelf the same size-it is more water and can cost MORE than the national brands-yeesh!!!!! it really stinks how sometimes stores try to trick us consumers into thinking we are getting a good deal by being deceptive like that .
    the same goes with bulk buying- sometimes it costs more than single packs regular priced-just depends on each stores prices-and alot of the times- i can save alot with buying single items on sale with coupons for each.

    i really suggest try the KROGER brand liquid fab softener -it costs me $2.50 for 40 use bottle and works great.

    or if trying to be really frugal-straight white vineger works in place of liquid fab softener in the washer - just add in last rinse cycle or add in the fab soft cup. works pretty well and the vinegar smell goes away-just leaving soft clean smelling clothes.
    hope this helps.
    sincerely-sheila ann anderson