trying a new laundry technique!

  • I read this in the Dollar Stretcher and it sounds like it will work:

    I filled the machine and will let the clothes soak for 1/2 hour(give or take lol), then let it agitate for two minutes and rinse like usual. I used cold water, where I usually use warm. I'm hoping this works--I REALLY want to cut our electric bill down!
  • ALthough this may save you money, I don't know how clean your clothes will get with only two minutes of agitating.

    Personally, I would rather want to have full agitation and spend a few cents more.
  • True...I'm not to sure about the two minutes, either. I did cut down from 14 to 6 a while ago, and it works just fine for normal loads. I do the 14 mins for dh's work clothes that get filthy!!

    This is just an experiment--if I don't like it, a agitating I will go!
  • I cut down on the time for each washing too.....9 minutes for Dh's work clothes and towels and 6 minutes for the rest of our clothes. I would imagine that you could cut back on time for lesser worn clothes, pjs and stuff like that. Wouldnt it be like washing something on the delicate cycle almost ?

    I need to cut back on our electric bill too, especially since we are running the a.c. in our bedroom when DH sleeps and then at night if I need it. I go around turning off lights and anything else that I can. Every little bit helps !

    Please let me know how this turns out for you. If it works for you, I might give it a shot on some stuff. What type of detergent are you using ? Ive gone back to better brands of liquid detergent....I love Tide but cant always afford it . I have found with most of the better brands that you can cut way back on the amt. used.

    Good Luck !!
  • Well, it worked okay for the two loads I did--one kids' and one of mine. I think that's where the soaking comes in. I haven't tried it on anything really dirty/grimy. I did use a stain remover, though, on some of ds2's stuff(learning to keep his food on his fork lol!).

    I've been using Xtra detergent w/bleach alternative. I switched from Tide a while back and just stuck with it--it gets the clothes clean and noone is allergic to it, and it's cheap! I also add a cup of baking soda(we have well water) and use vinegar instead of fabric softener. I use 1/4 of the recomended amount and let it suds up a bit before I throw the clothes in! I use more or less, depending on how dirty the clothes are--I have no qualms about using the full amount when I need to, but why waste it, ya' know?

    Aren't those ac units a killer on the electric bill? As much as I want ac in our house, I cringe to think of the costs! What I do to help keep it cool is first, keep all the blinds on the "sunny" side shut! I open the other side for the air. I have fans everywhere! When I had ac at the apt, I put it on low and used a fan to move the air around. And I keep a baggie of damp washcloths in the fridge to cool off with!
  • Hi MrsM

    I tried out your tip but tweaked it just a bit (by mistake actually LOL ) I agitated the the stuff first for 2 minutes and then let it sit for about 15 min., then agitated again for 1. They were towels so I washed them in warm water-I usually use hot-they seem just fine.

    I did the 2 minutes on the delicate cycle for sheer curtains too and they look great.

    My husbands work clothes were pretty dirty this time so I didnt try method on them but I did cut the wash back to 5 minutes from the usual 9 minutes. I figure every little bit should help, right ?

    Thanks for the tip !!

    Any others you would care to share ??