washing soda

  • Hi I am new to the boards. I have a question. I have a recipe for homemade laundry detergant that I want to try but it calls for washing soda. I have called every supermarket in the area plus Super Walmart and Super Target and not one store carries it. Can I use baking soda instead or does anyone know where I can get it? Thank you so much for your info!
  • WalMart does carry it...
    I buy it there and use it religiously!

    I use Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. It is with the laundry detergent...duh, but I can't remember the other stuff it is by. It is usually by the products for hard water. ( I cannot -for the life of me- remember even one name brand...yikes) I paid $2.29 for a 3lb 7 oz box

    good luck!
  • washing soda
    Hi, If you have Publix supermarkets in your area, mine carries it near the Borax.