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Shawn 02-26-2002 07:52 AM

Uses for Everyday Items.....
I hope you will find this thread useful. I could not beleive all the uses for some of the things I will be posting.

Keep an eye out for new items.


Note: a lot of these items I got from a book by Joey Green and a OLD House and Garden hard covered book.

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:00 AM

Hair Spray
The original article used Alberto VO5 Hair spray.

Immobilize flying insects - this will stiffen the wings and bring them down (great for bees)

Artwork - spray on a chalk drawing to preserve it

Removes ink stains from clothes, vinyl or skin - spray on and blot until it is removed then wash.

Kills lice on African Violets - Spray some in a plastic bag, then place the bag over the plant and secure with a twist tie. Let sit over night.

Thread a needle - this will stiffen the end of the thread for easier threading of a needle.

Laminate - spray on a recipe card to give it a protective gloss.

Stiffen ruffled curatins - Hold fabric taut and spray.

Preserve floral arrangements - Spray on baby's breath, broom grass and cattails to help preserve them.

Remove dry glue from bottles - spray on the glue and wipe off, then wash in soapy water.

Removeing Pet hair - Spray on a tissue or paper towel and then wipe up hair while still sticky.

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:05 AM

Alka Seltzer
Clean a toilet - Drop 2 tablets and wait 20 minutes. Then brush and flush.

Clean a vase - Fill with water and add 2 tablets. Let fizz and then clean out

Polish Jewelry - Add 2 tables to water, add jewelry and then wait 20 minutes.

Clean a Thermos - Fil with water, add 4 tablets and soak for one hour.

Remove burned on grease from pot or pan - Fill with water, drop 6 tablets and let sit 1 hour then scrub.

Unclog a drain - drop 3 tablets down the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar. Wiat a few minutes then run hot water.

Nicotine withdrawals? - as long as you are not on a low-sodium diet, have peptic ulcers, drink 2 tablets in a glass of water at every meal.

Soothe insect bites - dissolve 2 tablets in a glass of water. Dip a cloth and place on the bite. Repeat every 20 minutes if needed.

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:09 AM

Aunt Jemima Syrup
Prolong the life of a christmas tree- cut an extra inch off hte botton of tree, stand in water (1 bucket water to 1 cup syrup). Let soak for 2 to 3 days before decorating.

Condition hair, prevent split ends and the frizzies - massage syrup into dry hair, cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.

Revive and ailing plant - 2 tbl syrup at the base of the plant once a month.

Releive sore throat - 2 tsp. to coat the throat.

Lure the insects away - coat some cardboard and place around the perimeter of the yard when having a party or bbq. This will attract bees, wasps, yellow jackets, etc.

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:14 AM

Shaving Cream
The article specified Barbasol

Remove spts from rugs - squirt on stain, scrub and wash with water.

Clean Upholstry - use sparingle on a rag, then rub on stain.

Make finger paints - Put some into cups and add tempura paint for food coloring.

Clean grease from Hands - rub into hands to dissolve the grime..NO WATER.

Remove latex paint from hands - same as above.

Un-fog the mirror - spread on your mirror and then wipe off. Your mirror will not fog up. Use on Ski goggles also.

Squeaky Hinges? - spray on a joint.

Baseball glove stiff - rub the center, place a ball in the glove and fold mitt. Secure with rubber bands. Tuck under a mattress over night.

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:22 AM

Dishwasher Detergent
Specified Cascade

Get your whites whiter - mix 1/2 cup to 1 gallon hot water. Soak clothing overnight. thenyou can dump mixture into a washing machine and wash as usual. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to rinse water for a boost.

Coffe and Tea Stains? - soak glassware in a solution of 2 tbl cascade to 2 qts warm water. Clean a vase this way also.

Clean a thermos - fill with water and add 2 tbls cascase. Let sit 30 minutes. then use brush to clean

Prewash stains - wet fabric and sprinkle on stain. Gently rub in with old toothbrush, rinse and wash.

Clean grease and grime from walls - 1/4 cup to 1 gallon hot water., scrub and then wipe with dry cloth.

Whiten polyester - 1 cup to 1 gallon warm water. Soak clothes overnight then wash.

Bathtub rings? - sprinkle on wet sponge and clean.

Clean cooked on oil from a popcorn popper, pan or pot - 1-1/2 tbl and hot water and soak overnight (I make a paste)

Shawn 02-26-2002 08:22 AM

Do you want more?
I have more... Let me know

Shawn 02-27-2002 04:25 AM

Chap Stick
Use to stop bleeding when shaving

Prevents a car battery from corrosion. - put on the battery terminals.

Lubricates a zipper

Rub on hands and face to prevent wind burn.

Removes stuck on rings... runb on a finger to slide that tight tring off.

Lubricates nails and screws to go into wood more easily.

Grooms a mustache and/or eyebrows.

Shines leather shoes.

Lubricates furniture doors and windows to the open and shut more easily.

Prevents hair dye from staining your skin, rub near the hairline.

Shawn 02-27-2002 04:30 AM

Crisco Shortening
WHen in a bind, prevents diaper rash.

Prevents snow from sticking to a shovel.

Gleans grease from hands.

Make white clown makeup (add some food coloring or tempura paint to color it).

Removes lipstick from clothes. Rub some on and rinse with Club soda.

Seasons cast iron cookware.

Revitalizes wooden bowls.

Cleans ink from hands, vinyl surfaces.

Preserves the wood on a cutting board.

Removes homemade candles from the molds easily.

Removes tar from clothing. place lunp on tar, wait three house and wash.

Shawn 02-27-2002 04:32 AM

Keeps ski goggles from fogging up.

Polishes leather shoes.

Oils a squeaky door.

Prevents stains on the kitchen drainboard.

Sweeps up dust and dirt with ease. Spray on a mop or broom.

Prevents water spots and soap scum on shower walls and doors.

Makes cleaning grease splatters on walls behind the stove easier to clean.

Revitalizer dull candles.

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