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Old 01-31-2003, 02:12 PM
dawny75's Avatar
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AUTO - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Find out what preventitive maintenance your car needs and get it done in a timely manner. It's always more expensive to fix something after it breaks. Recently had an emergency with my car (kerching) and since they had the engine apart anyway, had them change the timing belt which was due to be changed at 90K anyhow. Saved $$$ on labor since they couldn't charge me twice to take the engine apart once!

CLOTHING - Less is more! Clean out your closet, and everywhere else you store clothes, shoes, purses, coats, etc. Get rid of the stuff you are 'saving' for whatever reason. If you can't part with it, box it up. If you can go all year without it, sell it in the next garage sale or bring it to a consignment shop.

LAUNDRY - Oxyclean and Clorox Stain are worth every penny, even if they are not on sale. Cut your dryer sheets in half! They'll still eliminate static.

DECORATING YOUR HOME - Stick with a single color theme and you can always move stuff around when you move or just get tired of the current arrangement. I've reused the same curtains in three households, but in different room each time.

HOLIDAY RELATED - Make a list of what you already have, and try to use those things. My mom helps her friends with holiday decorating. She has them get EVERYTHING except ornaments out. Then she groups them by theme (snowmen, santas, etc) and arranges them throughout their home. Same goes for your gift closet. Try to find a home for your already purchased items before shopping for more.

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Old 04-28-2003, 03:46 AM
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Hmmmm--I'll have to think on this one but right off the bat as far as clothing I buy LOTS off of Ebay. I never pay full price for antything if I don't have too and with Ebay I don't. I can't believe the deals I get on clothes for myself and my grandkids. I've been doing this for years and it still amazes (and excites) me!

My advice on car insurance is don't go for cheap. Just because it costs less doesn't mean it's good. We have USAA one of the top rated in the country. They do happen to be cheaper than many but service wise they'd be worth paying extra. I have had many insurance agents offer to give us quotes (or we called when looking for best teen driver rates) but when told we have USAA then say "Oh. Well you'll never do better than that" and hang up.

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Old 04-28-2003, 07:56 AM
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Thanks for the great tips everyone!

Mine are:

Automobile- Try to make your trips multi-purpose. It saves gas to do all your chores at the same time. Plan out where you will go to avoid backtracking. When it's time to get another car, buy used and do your homework about which cars need the least gas and repairs.

Clothing- I so agree with Dawny here! I also buy alot of items at thrift and consignment stores. We are even borrowing a dress for DD's graduation. This will save us at least $250 and she is perfectly fine with it. Her cousin has dresses that cost over $1000 and she's willing to share.

Laundry-When it's time to buy a new washer, consider purchasing a front loader. They use 40% less water, less detergent and are much kinder to clothes(so they wear for much longer). I love mine! Check everything for stains BEFORE you wash and dry them, less things are permanently ruined this way.

Decorating your home- Learn to make your own curtains from remnants, saves alot of money. Don't skimp on paint, it is worth every penny to have really good paint on the walls and trim. It will last much longer and look great for many more years. Make sure it's scrubbable if you have little ones!

Holiday Related- Decide that Christmas is not about the gifts and set a definite budget for shopping. Only take cash with you shopping, so you won't be tempted to put anything on credit. Use fabric or paper bags that you reuse year after year. Just fold them up until the next year! Keep your eye out for gifts all year and a list in your purse, so you know who you already bought for and what you have.

That was fun, can't wait to see what everyone else has to add!
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Old 04-28-2003, 10:10 AM
shanstar4u2's Avatar
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Money Saving Tips

1. Automobile- I know where the cheapest gas station in town is so I fill up there and plan it out to where when I run out of gas I always have enough to get it at that gas station I also plan out my trips in advance know where I'm going the furthest place first and come back but I only go out once a week during the weekdays so I get it all dont then.
2. Clothing- I go to some thrift stores but there are some places that trade or buy used clothing. You might want to look in a local phone book If you dont want to buy your clothing there a lot of times they will give you $ which you can use to buy more clothing somewhere else.
3. Laundry- I just tend to use coupons and buy the bigger boxes of laundry detergent since they last longer and tend to save you money.
5. Christmas- Buy presents all year round during sales...
Re-use christmas gift bags.
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Old 04-30-2003, 05:20 AM
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Hmmm, fairly new here. Gotta find that 1st thread!

Let's see if I can think of anything different - so much good stuff has already been posted! .

1. Automobile - PLAN errands & make 1 round-trip. We always fill up whenever gas tank gets to 1/2 full. We use the cards @ WalMart & Kroger - both are close & we go w/lowest price at the moment - saving 5-8 cents/gal. sometimes! Preventive maintenance. We have our homeowner's & car insurance w/same company - saves a few bucks. We also drive our vehicles until the wheels nearly fall off!
2. Sew simple skirts & tops & sheath-type simple dresses to put together w/well-made purchased jackets. Make/buy ONLY washables; hand wash as much as possible & hang nicer pieces to dry or only put in dryer shortest time possible. Dryel is great. Always check f/spots & any mending necessary before hanging up or placing in laundry basket - don't let those stains set in! Make/purchase mix & match pieces, choosing 3 main colors (ex: navy/khaki/natural or red/black/white) in solids & you can change around w/plaids, floral pcs. and & accent w/different accessories (scarf, belt) to dress up or down. Buy well-made leather shoes on sale. Don't wear your good clothes/shoes aorund for 'everyday' - always change into old jeans/t-shirts/tennis around the house.
3. I make my own laundry soap. We have hard water & the recipe leaves clothes cleaner w/no "perfume" smell. Altho I don't do this, I've read about using a washcloth dampened w/fabric softener rather than dryer sheets. There are also recipes for an Oxyclean-type cleaner. Vinegar & 20-Mile Team Borax added to detergent is also great f/hard water areas. Can use up to a cup of vinegar in rinse water to make clothes softer, less prone to wrinkle and helps to remove lint. Always hang clothes immediately when removing from dryer - saves on ironing time. Don't heat up iron f/only a couple pcs of clothing - set aside a time to do all ironing at one time. Don't use dryer to quickly remove wrinkles / prevent ironing! Let towels/washcloths sit in a basket for a few hrs to use less dryer time - also throw in a DRY towel to cut dryer time (I'd prefer to hang on clothesline but live in the woods - literally - & have lots of birds AND allergies! ;( I also have bought used appliances from a reputable dealer & save lots of $$$ - also gave the appliances away to others when I moved, etc. Never was disappointed in those. Also, DD & SIL bought brand-new W/D set from scratch-&-dent place which had ONE very small dent on the side of the washer that was placed next to the dryer....who would ever see that?!!
4. If it isn't something you LOVE, don't buy it! Don't waste $$$ buying an "almost" item only to forever be dissatisfied. WAIT & save your $$ until you can purchase EXACTLY what you want. Do NOT impulse buy! If you think you MUST have it, wait at least 24 hrs. Surprising how often you'll change your mind by that time! Also, if you go back & the item is gone, oh well! You still have the $$$ in your! Stick with neutral wall / carpet colors / solid upholstered pcs. Make dramatic changes w/drapes, pillows, accessories. Change out lamp shades for a new look. Re-arrange decorative pics, move furniture around for a totally new look. Plants can make a room look like a million dollarsf/ very few bucks - if you buy articificals, hose them down outside occasionally on a bright, sunshiny day or even in the shower - don't forget to put the bottom part in a plastic garbage bag tightly closed with a rubber band. "Shake" dry & then allow to finish air-drying. Buy furniture that does 'double-duty". Buy unfinished furniture - can even add decorative moldings, wood pcs - check out your local Lowe's or H.Depot. Some designer sheets found on sale can be used for curtains, shower curtain. Stencilling is lots less than expensive wallpapers. Faux painting can hide a multitude of sins.
5. For the past several years, rather than using tons of wrapping paper & bows & time to individually wrap every single little item, I found some large, plastic bags with handles & zippered tops in red/white/green plaid @ Hobby Lobby for about $1.50 each. I wrap a few larger items f/each person, then put the rest misc items (gift certs - bought & homemade - CD's, books, underwear, perfumes/colognes, puzzles, smaller toys, soft goods, boxed food items, scented candles & holders, belts, socks, tights, emergency kits, etc) together into one of these bags, zip it closed & have a "star" tag w/reciepeint's name on it. I do this early in the year, leaving the bags in my spare closet, depositing items as I purchase them. That way I can keep up with what I bought for whom, see if gifts are somewhat equitable, etc. Also, almost EVERY one loves & appreciates a gift you've personally made for them - just makes anyone feel so special! Gifts of 'service' - an afternoon of raking leaves & trimming hedges; a homemade cake once each month for the upcoming year; coupon for chauffering an elderly aunt to doctor visits or offers to grocery shop weekly - all these are extremely thoughtful gifts for the elderly and/or physically handicapped & cost little financially but reap big rewards as you will feel as special as the recipient as you follow through on these.

Now, gotta find that first thread.....
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Old 06-02-2003, 12:30 PM
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Good tips so far!!

1. Automobile: Practice preventive maintaince. Also, plan errands so you don't waste gas.
2. Clothing: Shop the thrift shops!!
3. Laundry: I find powder cheaper than liquid detergent.
4. Decorating your home: Less is more! LOL
5. Holiday related: Shop the fater holiday sales for the following year!!
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Old 09-05-2007, 04:01 AM
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Maybe there are some ideas here that need a second look, or someone may like to add their own!
Every day we write a memory on the heart of our family. What memories did you write today?
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Old 11-04-2014, 09:32 AM
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1. The garden: Compost to boost flowerbeds!

2. Food shopping: Flyer and coupon savings!

3. Child related: Cloth diapers, pins, rubber pants! I relied on this old-fashioned method when my kids were babies, and save a bundle!

4: Entertainment: Tap into whatever options you have right at home and enjoy!

5: Cooking: From scratch! Healthier and tastier!

6: Housework: Clothesline drying! Another one of my long-time favourites!

7: Recycling/Trash to treasure: Be creative! Anything goes!

8: Crafts: Utilizing old fabric remnants, along with whatever else you have on hand!

9: Health/beauty: Less is better! And healthier, too!

10: Misc: Don't be afraid to think outside the box!


1. Automobile (wear & tear, gas, insurance, etc) Walk/transit service/car-pool/bicycle!

2. Clothing Visit quality/high-end thrift stores/consignment stores for great buys!

3. Laundry Organize full-loads, and if using an electric tumble dryer, dry loads (back-to-back) consecutively to maintain dryer heat!

4. Decorating your home Look for sale items at the end of each season, and don't be afraid to venture out on Blue Moon/Red Light Sales!

5. Holiday related Plan, plan, plan! Keep it simple!
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