What do you refuse to buy???

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  • I shop thrift shops and Facebook selling groups a lot!! I love shopping for deals and don't mind used items. Most of my wardrobe is thrift shop finds!! My furniture and decor is also from thrift shops. I love the challenge of finding bargains and deals and also look for things that friends and family may be looking for. My kids love the random stuff I find for them. My brother calls our decorating type "Early American Thrift Shop".
  • Connie shame you don't live near by my step-Dad is going to sell the leftover bricks from the house my Grandfather had built for his sister hmmm 50+ years ago. There are 1000 bricks that match the house the expanded floor plan included a family room/3rd bedroom at the back of the house but it was never done.

  • Connie

    Keep a eye out on Craigslist.

    Mrs. Cobbler.. you aren't too far from me as the crow flies. I'm in Linden bordering Clintonville by one block. I just came back from VOA in Clintonville got the dogs what they guy called a weight lifting ball 6 lbs. for $5. Got a thin blanket for the chair in the front room.. Sugar our puppy doesn't seem to care for the thin blankets that don't have stuffing in them (read more about Sugar in What Did You Do Frugal Today LOL). Found two pairs of tennis shoes the canvas kind for avg. $4 a pair I like these to just throw on when I'm running to the store instead of using my expensive work tennis shoes. Again my little darling Sugar chewed up the last two pairs I had last week. Doesn't pay to buy new when she may get hold of them. Bought the dogs a stuffed animal each, room decorating I'm sure after I leave for work today. Stuffing everywhere LOL! They do like the meditation music I play on YouTube for them, 8 hours of calming music no tear ups all this week.. fingers crossed.

    Got a kitchen funnel 90 cents, 3 tops for work $6 total. A cosmetic bag to corral up all the loose stuff in my purse drives me nuts digging for.

  • Roberta I am crying!!! All those bricks.

    I did find some on a buy sell trade fb page. He wanted $1 a brick. Don't think so. It is too hot to do brick work now.
  • The bricks finally did sell Connie. The guy was going to use them to make a Grill & patio from them.'

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