What do you refuse to buy???

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  • Microwave Wraps
    We've had those here in Columbus, Ohio for about a year. They run about 4.00 a pack, I think 6-8 in a pack. I bought a pkg. with a coupon when they first came out, was not overly impressed with them. A cup of water with vinegar added and an old wash cloth worked just fine.

  • My ex-husband was a pharmacist..and he used to wipe down his counters several times a day with rubbing alcohol .....I do that in the kitchen as well...... it is an antiseptic disinfectant....
  • Does anyone know of a recipe for homemade antibacterial handwipes? I love those things but not the price. I do buy the individually packaged ones to carry in my purse for wiping off toilet seats in public restrooms (I have a 3 year old who is potty training so we can't wait until we get home.) Although it's a major convenience item, it does give me certain peace of mind!!
  • microwave cloths: I thought this was the dumest thing since the swiffer when I saw them, (Sorry Swiffer fans but I HATE the thing. I'd much rather use my dust mop)

    Alcohol for cleaning--this is ALL I use on windows, counters and appliances now. I buy a bottle for .50 at Wal Mart and mix with 1 cup water and 2 teaspoons of cheap shampoo in a recycled Windex bottle. This stuff cleans windows like no bodies business. Good cleaner!

    Slice and bake cookies: Me too! If they are on sale I'll pick them up. I refuse to buy the break and bake--way not frugal. However my dgks like fresh cookies but Nana doesn't really enjoy making them sooo.......

  • antibacterial wipes
    I did a quick search on google and this is a good site for recipe/info

    Tells you what ingredient serves what purpose.

  • I use for cleaning 1/4 cup Mr. Clean to 32 oz. bottle of water and clean everything with it, spray on floors use wet mop or towel with feet, clean stove, counters, toilet seat, sinks, etc. great stuff and last forever.

    I have to say I have never used slice and bake or break apart cookies, by the time they came out I already knew how to make cookies and refused to buy what I could make. Now I have to say to be fair, I do not have children so there is not a big demand for cookies in our house and I do buy packaged from Aldi's occassionally. Cookie baking only happens in our house a couple times a year.

  • I did get a box of those microwave wipes when they were brand new and they were offering a $1 coupon so they were cheap...but I have yet to use them, I just boil a glass of water in the microwave and wipe it down...works fine for me.
  • There is one container that tupperware sells they say holds half a rool of papertowels...I think it may be the bread machine bread holder container...it has a flip top and if you cut a rool of bounty in half it fits perfectly. I would imagine you could use the basic diaper cleaner recipe on the other page and add a little alcohol to it, or just sub the alcohol and add some aloe vera. It should make a good disinfectant wipe for around the house, like for hands etc or to carry in the car, you pull up a sheet and use it and close the top again. save the other half for the next batch.
    Good Luck....Ruth
  • I used to make baby wipes like that, but they would start to get moldy, so I stopped. What I would do would be to mix up a batch of disinfectant(alcohol, bleach/water, etc) and put it in a small spray bottle and just carry a few paper towels with me. I used this while potty-training ds1 and it worked quite well--the spray bottle was small enough it fit in my purse! I still tried to avoid public restrooms, though, or at least would frequent places that I KNOW cleaned them occassionally!
  • What do you refuse to buy?
    For sanitizing at school (kids are always bleeding), and to keep with me for the gym or whatever, I just buy those little packages of alcohol wipes that they sell for diabetics. They are about a penny or less a piece. I also carry rubber gloves with me everywhere. In my purse, lunch bag, school desk. I had to do the Heimlich Manuever one year and it was very messy. Mother never even thanked me. I do hate all the throw away stuff. Do any of you know if all those wipes clog up the city sewer lines? So much wasteful stuff. I hate people using water bottles once and tossing.