Never say never!!

  • Are there tips you heard when you started down the frugal road that you said you would NEVER do, but are now doing??

    When I first read The Complete Tightwad Gazette I said I would never save the water from cooking veggies to make soup. Guess what I have in the fridge?!? I have convinced myself that there are vitamins in that water!

    Some tips sound crazy at first, but the more you do them they become routine. Anyone else have this experience?
  • I am sitting here trying to think of what I have incorpriated into my daily lifestyle. The one thing I said I would never do isrewash baggies. I have started to reuse them but only occasionally. I could do better.

  • I vowed I would never wash baggies , hang them to dry and never reuse them again.....
    I vowed I would never wash baggies , hang them to dry and never reuse them again! I also vowed never to tear up the ends of the bread and freeze them for baking uses!! I use to always throw out the ends of the bread for the birds but now I freeze them for our family to use up!! I also never thought I would never save a Bone from a Butt Roast of a Ham, Freeze and put it in with some Vegetable Soup !!
    Well that is some of what I have vowed I would never do in our Frugal Lifestyle!!
  • My mom (and I do too) scrapes all the butter off the rapper with a knife before throwing it out. She says she remembers watching her mother doing that and thinking "I'll never be that frugal." I'm two generations from Grandma and my garbage has scraped off butter wrappers in it!