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boppy 10-16-2002 07:06 PM

A Frugal Tip

My mother went though the Depression Years. She said because everything was so tight and etc.. for an example..she said when a coat wore out they would turn that coat inside out and they would have a new to speak. Also..when the boys or men had a hole in the long sleeve shirts mom said they cut the long sleeve off and made a short sleeve shirt..

I have heard if you turn your clothes inside out when you put them in the Washer and Dryer..that the clothes last longer..

When I take out the contents of a plastic baggie or Freezer Baggie..If it is not too greasy or torn.. I wash it as I wash dishes . I re use them time and time again.. I rarely have to buy new ones.

I am hearing impaired and I have to use headphones to listen to TV..etc. so when the wires break in one side.. I just listen in the other side on my good ear.. Sometimes I have to turn the headphones backwards to get it on the proper ear..but it works..until I can get a new pair..I can buy some for $2 at the Dollar Store.

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nagymom 10-28-2002 04:29 AM

Boppy you have some great ideas here. My mom also reuses plastic bags, including bread wrappers. Her "Tupperware" is empty margarine and whipped topping bowls. ::-)::
She can recall times in their early marriage where money was so tight that for lunch she would make my dad biscuits from scratch to go with a bowl of cooked greens and that was lunch!

MrsRoseofShara 11-13-2002 01:47 AM

Here are some tips:

* Spray a clean rag with diluted fabric softener instead of using a dryer sheet.
* Add a fluffy, dry towel to the dryer. (The wet clothes will dry faster.)
* Put soap slivers into an onion mesh bag, then use like a puff.
* Use cheap dish soap to remove greasy stains on your laundry.
* Add a capful of vinegar to dishwater. (It helps fight grease.)
* Place 1 or 2 mothballs into your vacuum bag to help control fleas. (Cedar mothballs will leave a nicer scent in your room.)
* Mix a cheaper dry dog/cat food with a little bit of quality can food.
* If switching brands, do it gradually as it is not good for your pet to change suddenly.
* Make homemade pancakes with bits of apple and freeze the portions in freezer bags. The kids can heat them in the microwave before school. Be sure to wash and reuse the bags.
* If you can sew, remove a frayed collar from a man's dress shirt and sew it back on inside out for a fresh new look. Can be done with cuffs too.

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ldyroper 11-13-2002 09:14 AM

depression times
My mom too grew up in the depression, and i remember her telling me when their shoe soles got holes in them, theyd cut pieces of cardboard to put in them. Never mind if the shoes were to small! And one year they had to move (they moved ALOT) to Wyoming to live with her aunt, so her Xmas gift was a suitcase. Which she needed to carry her clothes in. And thats all she got to take, was what would fit in the small suitcase. Wow, No wonder my folks were always really frugal, (they didnt need to be, Dad had a wonderful job). But the depression really instilled frugality into many. I feel so blessed and quilty at times for what I have. And I try to be frugal. I wash tin foil out, baggies, cut paper towels in half for napkins, buy off brand items, make and bake alot from scratch, etc...

cheriegirl 11-20-2002 07:46 PM

Thanks ladies for all the great frugal living tips!

CAGmomof2 12-09-2002 10:39 AM

Thank you all for the tips as well..
Thank you all for the tips as well..

CAFE 12-09-2002 01:05 PM

^^ ^^ I read somewhere on one of the sites I went to, to fold a piece of foil up (I tore off a piece about 13-15" long.) and throw in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet. IT WORKS!!!! I could not believe it, but it does work. Your clothes are soft, no static electricity. You can also use the foil over and over. ^^ ^^ My kids laughed at me, until they tried it. Now they are using foil also.
What will they come up with next. Cafe

MrsRoseofShara 12-10-2002 02:45 AM

Wow Cafe, great tip! Thanks. I'll try it. ::-)::

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nagymom 12-10-2002 03:25 AM

What a great tip for the clothes dryer Cafe! I did laundry yesterday before I read it but have a small load to do today so I am going to give it a shot. Assuming of course that I HAVE aluminum foil--I heard someone asking this morning if we have any.

Thanks for a very valuable tip. I get sick of reaching into the cabinet for softener to find a near empty bottle. And that stuff isn't cheap even when you buy the cheaper brands.


Juliecc913 12-10-2002 12:11 PM

Thanks Cafe. I have a couple more loads of laundry to do and no fabric softener mix or sheets but I DO have aluminum foil. My kids are gonna think I'm crazy but what the heck!

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