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mariliz 02-01-2003 06:56 PM

fabric softener
I wonder how much I'd actually save using the foil idea. I generally buy whatever softener sheets that are cheapest with a coupon, and cut each one in half. I never have a problem with static, and our clothes come out just fine. I try to buy the 120 sheet boxes, so I'm getting 240 sheets. If I have really small loads (reds, for example) I'll cut a half sheet in half.

I've read that dryer sheets are hard on your dryer. Does anyone have the scoop on this, or is it just a story?

I tried pouring a little liquid softener on a rag, but found blue spots on my clothing, so I stopped doing that. Maybe I didn't dilute enough, or put too much on.

nagymom 02-02-2003 03:35 AM

mariliz many years ago when my mom bought a new clothes dryer, she was told that her warranty would be voided if she used dryer sheets. I don't recall the exact reason but think it had something to do with damaging the tub. At any rate she didn't use them for several years, until well after the warranty had run out.
Personally I HATE dryer sheets--they always seem to wind up in my laundry room floor where the users are more than happy to leave them. Therefore dryer sheets have been banned from my house! ::-)::


lily_of_the_valley 02-06-2003 08:29 AM

Here's a few of my tips
I have a swiffer wet that I got for a christmas gift. Instead of buying the refill cleaner, I cut a small three sided flap in the top (bottom ot the bottle, top when inserted in the mop) and refilled with diluted all purpose cleaner.

I rolled all of our spare pennies and had 10 bucks!

I also started to plan our meals out by the month so that I get better usage out of the food and it doesn't go to waste.

MrsManiac 02-06-2003 05:51 PM

I'm supposedly going to recieve a coupon for a free swiffer wet jet soon(I'll believe it when it gets here lol!). I was wondering if I could rig it and just refill it with vinegar and water? Thanks, lily--you're a genius!8-)

nagymom 02-10-2003 05:08 AM

Contest reminder!
The Organizing Your Ride Giveaway! You could win
this great car organizer just by posting your tips! How
organized is your vehicle? Do you know where your
owner's manual is? How about emergency items? Do
you have a blanket in your car in case of a breakdown
in cold weather? How about a simple box of tissues?

Contest runs through February 15th at midnight PST.
Post as many tips and hints as you like. U.S. and Canada
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you win.

leasmom 08-24-2003 09:08 PM

What's your best and wisest frugal tip?
Well, I'll start, I think mine would be as far as clothes go...I used to buy pajamas for dd but now I buy colorful and interesting big shirts that I usually can get as low as .25 cents. Dd loves them and feels much older since she's no longer in pink teddy bear pj's or anything. My second tip would be that I take t-shirts, halter-tops for dd and they become undershirts for winter. Her shorts become pj bottoms. That way I get my money's worth out of them.

If you had advice about frugalness, what would it be?

bettdev 08-25-2003 06:25 PM


My DD loves the big tees too! I don't think I've EVER bought her any nightgowns/pajamas. Even when she was a toddler, she was in t-shirts...and she's 12 now!


One thing I do when printing online coupons, is to use the back side of paper that I received in the mail, etc. It does not have to be new paper.......the c/o is only printed on one side!

AnnaInOhio 08-26-2003 03:52 AM

We take old sweatpants, cut off the legs and they become summer pj's. We also wear sweatpants in the winter to stay warm in the house, saving on heating by keeping the thermostat down a few knotches (sp?). All summer sweatpants have not been the thing to buy at the thrift stores so they've been on clearance for .50 cents. I usually buy 2-3 pairs a week so we have a good supply for this winter. I've also been buying my mil some so she can stay warm too.


bettdev 08-26-2003 08:12 AM

Hmmmmmmmmm...I need to check my closet....I think I have some sweatpants to cut off for my DD....Thanks Anna!^^

leasmom 08-26-2003 09:01 AM

Yeah, great ideal!
I never thought about that. I don't know what winter is like here in Pueblo. We'll just have to see. I was told it wasn't very cold, even reached 100's at times. But, maybe for that short period when it actually does get cold-LOL- we could do that. Thanks.

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