Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

  • 10 gallons Peanut Oil -- or oil of choice
    10 pounds Turkey -- (up to 15 pounds)
    6 teaspoons Salt
    6 teaspoons Paprika
    6 teaspoons White Pepper
    6 teaspoons Cayenne
    6 teaspoons Accent® seasoning mix -- (optional)
    16 ounces Crab Boil concentrate

    Rinse turkey inside and out. Mix 1 part crab boil concentrate to 4 parts water. Combine
    dry ingredients with crab boil solution. Adjust seasoning to taste. Inject turkey
    (approximately 2" apart) with mixture using syringe (available from gourmet kitchen stores
    or medical supply stores.) Cover turkey with foil and refrigerate over night. Heat oil to 350
    degrees F. CAUTION: Use a grease thermometer to monitor the oil. It may ignite if the
    temperature goes beyond 375 degrees F. Put turkey in basket and CAREFULLY lower it
    into the pot. Cook 5 minutes per pound. Check in 1 hour using a meat thermometer.