Teacher Gift Ideas?

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  • Teacher gifts
    My standard gift was chap stick and hand cream. I often felt it would be better if parents gave at least $1 for each student in the class and put towards a gift certificate at a store where the teacher could buy something for herself or for her classroom if she chose or at a restaurant.

    Teachers get so many mugs, ornaments, etc.

    During the school years, when I saw a special educational section being advertised in my newspaper, I would ask the teacher if it would be appropriate for study in the classroom and would order the # of newspapers needed for the class.

    I have also found that there was a competition going between some parents, comparing what was being given. Personally, I never became involved in that--I stuck with my hand cream and chap stick.

  • I finally came up with an idea. We are going to make a memory board for her. I will have all of the children put their hand print on a canvas then attach it to a board with batting behind it. Add ribbons and buttons and of course the childrens name under their hand. She can use it in her classroom for her notes, ect. and the children will get to help make it and see it everyday. I will be sending home a note to each parent telling them about the project and letting them know that if they would like to give $1 towards it that would be great. If not then no problem. Now to figure something out for the class helper...she is very crafty so I need to come up with something different. Thanks for all the input on this topic.
  • Teacher gifts

    That memory board is a great idea--something that can be used in the classroom. It is not expensive so that all students can donate to the cost. If the teacher needs such an item at home, it can be brought home.

    Teachers get enough coffee cups and other items that say great teacher.

    At home, I have told my family no clutter gifts. I am trying to downsize. I often see cute things that I would like but I really don't need. It has become a $$ savings.
  • teachers gift
    this can be applied to work or school. I found it off another site.
    Put items in decorated can.
    Mrs----- Holiday Survival Kit
    THis kit contains everything you need to get through the stressful Holiday Seasons. Merry Christmas! From-------
    rice krispie treats: so you can hold it together when you find
    yourself in a sticky spot
    peanuts: sometimes we all need to act a little nutty
    turtle clusters: to remind you to slow down and enjoy the holidays
    snickers: to remind you to laugh often
    candy cane: everyone needs something to lean on, now & then
    lifesavers: we all need something to hang on to when things get
    Payday: one can never have too many of these at Holiday time
    Rolo: to help you roll with the punches
    Hugs and Kisses: to remind you how much you are loved

    this was a fun and cute idea and you can add so many other things to it also
  • Another Idea
    This is an idea that I bought at a craft fair. You take solid fabric that is the color of holiday lights and put the iron fuseable tape on the back. Also a plaid to cut out small squares to put on bottom of lights. Cut out of the solid fabrics light shapes. Iron onto a craft paper bag with handles in the shape of a strand of lights. Using a marker draw the line to make the string part. when finished should look like a string of lights. Then on the bag write "May your holidays be Merry and SPRITE" Inside bag put a bottle of sprite and some munches.

    It is hard to write instructions so I hope this makes sense.
    Have fun....Regina
  • Teacher Gift Ideas
    The "Lotion Bars" make wonderful gifts for Teachers. They love it because they can leave on the desk with the lid on or off. And it last forever. These make wonderful gifts for the teachers and nurses as well. Especially now with the winter season coming and there hands dry out from the paper, outside and washing their hands.
  • Teacher gifts
    I have given gifts to my children's teacher's and daycare providers, but with two children x teacher's, aides and daycare providers it all adds up.
    Last year I purchased pecans from a friend's farm, put them in brown handled bags and a card that said, WE"RE NUTS ABOUT YOU! Everyone loved those.
    The two other gifts I got lots of response from was a Manicure gift certificates at a salon near the school. The most appreciated one was a thank you note I wrote for all the work that they do.( this one cost nothing and has meant the most. I still see one particular teacher at school and more than once she had mentioned this)

    This year our PTA sponsored a teacher's wish tree. Each teacher placed an ornament on the tree with a wish for their classroom (rubber stamps, books, pencils, Canned air for the computers, etc.) Children could pick one from the tree if they wished (strictly voluntary)and then present the gift to the teacher.
  • Just wanted to let you all know I did a memory board and it turned out great! each child put their hand prints on it then I added the names, put ribbon and buttons on it and mounted it to a cork board...we will be giving it to her on Friday at the Christmas party. Merry Christmas to all.
  • I have given my daughter's teachers gift certificates to the local mall. They seem to really like this. Our mall happens to have a store that sells things for school/teachers. Therefore, the teacher can decide whether to spend it on themselves (clothes, music, home, etc) or on things for the classroom - or both!