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  • This year my son is in the "middle school" division of his school. It's a "school within the school" with their main classes all on one floor; the middle school is its own little community. It's very nice!

    How do I handle the "end of the year thank you gift" to the teachers in this situation? DS has 5 teachers for the major subjects. One is his homeroom teacher and I am a room mom so that teacher will get a special gift. But I would like to acknowledge the others who work hard and have shown interest in my son and the progress he's making.

    Teacher gifts for his 5 teachers, plus DD's teacher and the choir director, could get expensive!!!!
  • For teachers day, We bought DS's teacher a plant that was in a ceramic birdhouse, then made a plant marker to go into it. We used a yellow school pencil as the marker then I a sign to go on it.....using one of his wallet sized school pictures as one side and a saying that I printed out on the computer printed small enough that I could cut it out the size of his picture----I put them back to back with the pencil in the middle---then laminated the pictures so that they would stick on the pencil.

    The saying that I used was " Mrs ____, Thank You for touching my heart and helping me to grow" Happy Teacher's Day 2004
    Then my son's name.

    It turned out so cute!! She gave me a very heartfelt thanks today at his Field Days. She even started to tear up when she said that things like that makes her know that what she does is really worthwhile.

    Back to another idea....... You could make smaller versions of this by buying small starter plants and making these markers for them. You could also make that saying or a similar on into a bookmarker or picture.

    For the end of the year, Im planning on writing his teacher a letter telling her how much she has meant to my son and to us.

  • I read about a dad/accountant that did his teaching daughters taxes and was upset at how much they spent out of pocket for schoolsupplies - $1250 each.

    Send me a cute birdhouse; I keep getting candles but I have young children and and have already had one counter top burning diaster. Count on a 4 yr old to use the candle to ignite the chips bag; the oil burned hot enough to pop chips out of the counter top laminate . That'll cost $1250 to replace. When he's much older.

    For a teacher with 30+kids and only so many shelves, a lovely gift certificate to the Wal-mart or Target or grocery store. Or the craft store. And a great big hug and a smile.
  • Great Idea For Teacher's Gift
    Hi Tami,

    What a great idea for a teacher's gift.

    I am going to keep this idea in my
    idea book for future reference.

    Do you have any other bright ideas
    for different subjects?
    It would be interesting to read.
  • Marie, What other subjects ideas are you looking for? Let me know and Ill see what I can come up with.


    BTW, Welcome to Family Corner!!!
  • Bright Ideas
    Hi Tami,

    Ideas for:

    housewarming for a son

    special girlfriend gift

    christmas small table settings decor


    thanks Tami,

  • A note of encouragement would go a long way....talking about how the teacher has impacted this child etc.
    Something a parent did this year that I really appreciated. Instead of a Christmas gift, she gave me a coupon for a brought in lunch to be used sometime in January or February. A lovely treat!
    If you have $$ to spend...a gift certificate for coffee at the local coffee shop or to Staples or a business supply....I know that I buy many things "out of pocket" and that would really be a help!
  • I'd have to agree with the other person who posted...how many candles does 1 person need. Or for that matter ... how many teacher related items.

    I love the personalized thank you card from the parent along with a gift certificate if you think that's necessary.

  • Here's another idea or two.

    A gift basket with things like Bath Salts (not just for baths they make great foot soaks).

    Gift certificate for either pizza delivery or a fast food restaurant.

    A nice wash cloth with a specialty scented soap in a small gift basket with a thank you card- you can buy specialty soaps at fair prices on ebay.

    Just a thought, hope it helps.

  • End of year gift
    This is my daughters first year in school and actually she will be continuing in pre-school throughout the summer with most likely the same teacher. Is it appropriate to get an end of the year gift? Or should I wait til she moves up to the next pre-school class.
    The go from circles to triangles to squares to stars. She is still only a circle but she still is only 2 and wont be three until the 5th of next month.