April Information and Thank Yous

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  • The names have all been sent out. The following pairings were made:

    Mary - Heather
    Chad - Joey
    Darla - Nick
    Alex - Victor
    Richard - Adam
    Chynna - Carly
    Jonathon - Danielle

    Enjoy and remember to follow the rules!
  • I have misplaced the information on Heather's partner for April who is Mary. Can you please PM me with it. Thanks
  • Alex just wants to let Victor know that a postcard is on the way! Alex is very excited about the swap and can't wait to get to know Victor!

  • Cheryl - I have sent you the info in a pm as requested. It is in three parts due to restrictions on length.
  • I hope Carly has re c eived her pc if not then she should anytime now.. not sure of this person as I've not ever seen her ont he board, so this should be interesting... as Chynna will learn a new one and I will hopefully learn a new person on the board.

  • Darla - Nick thanks you for his card, though he says Mom doesn't like the front of the card. LOL Yours is on it's way as is Jonathon's from Dani.
  • To Heather

    Mary was wondering what happened to you -- lol...

    She has been so busy with gymnastics and school, that she brought your address labels and some postcards to school with her to write you during any free time she may have.

    She wrote three!


    be on the lookout, okay? You and she sure have a LOT in common.


    Mary's Mom
  • Nick...............
    LOL Darla says she's sorry your mom doesn't like the front of the card........LOL.We like Ky. but they are our 3rd favorite team.Guess yall prefer Cardinals,lol! Hope Nick got his PC.Another is on it's way!

    Elaine and Darla
  • Darla says Thank you Nick,for the 2 postcards.She is sending another postcard and a letter today.Should get there rather quickly

    Elaine and Darla
  • Heather


    Are you and Mom okay, hon?

    Mary keeps watching the mailbox but hasn't seen any mail yet.

    If you want, I can PM you with her info again, if you lost it.

    Luv and hugs,

    Mary's Mom

    Mrs. Julie