The title says 'Stay At Home Parents' but ...

  • ... do you really stay at home? I have a friend in Colorado who is always on the go. I call her a Stay Away From Home parent!

    Where do your daily tasks take you each week?

    Kelly H.
  • Actually, because I have little ones still at home, in addition to my school kids, I do stay home most of the time. Plus because I work at home, I don't have to travel far to get work done ;-)

    However, three days a week I take T.J. to and from preschool, plus sometimes we head over to my SIL's for a playdate. And of course, there's cub scouts, brownies, grocery shopping, trips to the bank, etc, etc. LOL

    But I really AM home most of the time!
  • I think my husband thinks we are always on the go but, usually once we pick up the kindergartner we are home until it's time to go out to school the next day. Tuesdays and Thursdays if I'm not working at the preschool I usually do all my errands when preschool is in session. So M, W and Friday if we don't have a preschool playdate we are just home other then running to and from kindergarten. I try to do a playdate with my preschool one morning a week though. So I think I am busy but, still home a lot.

  • At home till cabin fever sets in!
    I tend to stay home most of the time, because my children are three and under and haven't started school or extracurricular activities, but my neighbor who is also a stay at home mom, should be called a never at home mom. Her children are older so she would have to leave more than me for their school and extracurricular activities, but I get on to her (when I see her every three months or so) because she is so nice she never tells anyone no. She is always on the go for other people and when I finally see her she is run ragged. She called me two weeks ago and told me she finally turned someone down. I was so proud, but her car is still going in and out that driveway 20 times a day. Oh well, what can I do but be here to listen when she gets fed up again. I figure she will be by anyday now for coffee and a friend to talk to rather than one asking for a favor.
  • Kelly, I had to laugh when I read your post, cause I have a girlfriend that has 5 children and RARELY HOME!!!!! It amazes me how she gets anything done at home. Me on the other hand am more than I am gone. I work a couple days a week part time, but for the most part I'm home taking care of the house and outside animals. I seem to enjoy my simple routine, MUCH better than running crazy everyday. I usually grocery shop during a morning when the kids are at school, and any other running is usually have my husband is home from work. CALL ME BORING, BUT I LOVE IT!!! LOL

  • I only have one child but I am still a SAHM. I always drop her off at school and then run to the store and home by no later then 11am. Then I clean clean clean and cook and iron, etc....

    I then pick her up from school and we come home for the rest of the day.

    Boring day I have but I enjoy it!
  • I WISH I could get away from home! It get's crazy around here... I am a full time SAHM/WAHM with 3 active boys. Luckily 1 is in school all day. The other 2 are home with me ALL day! I do manage to get out to go shopping every once in a while

    I need a husband on the other hand is happy to stay home, as he works 11 hours a day. So he's tired when he get's home... Oh well, maybe someday I'll get a vacation! We've been married for almost 4 years, and our honeymoon was the last vacation we had.

    Have a great weekend everyone