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  • Moms Club of parma Hts. in Ohio also takes members from Parma, Brookpark, N. Royalton, Broadview Hts.,Middleburg Hts. We are a support group for stay at home moms. Play groups, tour, parties, park and play ground days, field trips, moms and couples nights out and family events! Check us out and come see us at our Feb. meeting!
  • Local Clubs and Groups
    If you have a local support group for stay at home moms, or some other sort of local club, feel free to post about it here. Let others know you are out there so they can find you!

    Kelly H.
  • SAHM Groups?
    Does anyone belong to a SAHM group or club. Maybe through church? I hope to be a SAHM and we recently moved 7 hours away from "home". I was wondering if anyone finds them helpful to have that support locally, versus in the cyber world;-) Anyone have poor experiences?
  • I'm in Canada and through the health board there's different groups that we can join. I joined a mom's and babie's class and found it wonderful. I found 6 great friends my age and 6 my son's age! It's a group for new mom's that you join early in babies life. The first few weeks were with a health nurse that talked about different topics (feeding, sleeping troubles, teething, safety etc.). We all got along so well that we continue to meet once a week at each others houses. We started in October! Four of us don't have family in town so it's been fanatastic for us. We all just signed up for the next classes a mother goose where you sing song and do nursery rhymes with the kids. I so highly reccomend you find something along these lines and if you can't maybe consider starting your own play group up! The girls from my group have become such great friends. It's great for the kids to see eachother (now twice a week!). We're also planning one big birthday party to celebrate their first with daddy's too!! I've had a few families over at different times for dinner or just to go out and it's been a great exerience for our hubby's too. Your doc may be able to hook you up with someone, health unit, hospital, community centers, prenatal classes.....
  • To all you Stay at Home Moms out there. I joined a local "Moms Club" they are in all states BUT beware they have a manual FULL of silly rules that the club, board and memebrs must follow. It is a great group to meet other Moms but when we join we do not know that we can only go out once a month at night together, kids are allowed to everything (even nights out), couples nights are only once a month and same with family activites. All activites except 2 are held during the day. if you want to go bowling or to the park with the kids and your new friends but at 7:00pm they will not be able to put it on the calendar. They also take yealy dues and this money can not be spent on members or for parties (only 15% because the Mom who started it said so!) we had over $500 in dues and most can only be used for making copies, postage, meeting room rental (but we get ours donated)anyhow just be careful what you join. If I were you I would start your own group. Just put up some flyers at the library and run an ad in your local paper. If you tell them you are a non profit support group they will run it for free. In your ad say your group is for stay at home moms, looking to meet weekly for play dates at local parks, zoos, resturants, libraries & members homes. You can probably meet monthly in a room at your library for free and set up your activites.
    So all you new Moms out there becareful some of these groups are very starnge in rules!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, I think it's best to have your own set of rules and not belong to a national group.

    I met my best friend through a moms group. At first the group was part of a national organization, then they changed the name and went on their own. Kids were not allowed at the group. We had a night meeting once a month. We made a craft, watched a movie, occasionally went out, etc. Occasionally, we scheduled kids' events such as a Halloween party or Easter egg hunt. The group met in a church, but was not affiliated with the church.

    I definitely encourage you to find a moms group in your area. It is much more fulfilling than cyber friends. My best friend and I lived about four blocks apart and had never met each other!
  • I should have probably told you that ours was free and not specifically for SAHM's, but for new mom's. The nurse that did the first 6 classes really encouraged us to keep in touch. We took pics of the kids, exchanged e-mails and continued on our own without the instructor. It was very casual meetings in a little room, now we do our own homes. There are a few ways to start your own play group too, so keep that in mind if you're just looking to meet people.
  • Convenient friendships
    I have been a SAHM for a little over one year now and that's only two years after moving 10 miles from my lifelong home. There isn't a local mom's group established and I really haven't missed it. I keep in touch with the important people in my life and have found a couple good friends online through homeschooling newsletters and whatnot. I also consider the regular posters in this forum among my favorite people. I tend to read the threads which are posted to by the same folks over and over. We must have a lot in common. When I decided to be a SAHM, my child was my priority so I tend to spend most of my time with her. My "cyber-friends" don't care if I've had time to clean my house or if I'm still in my pj's or if I'm playing outside all day and need to get back to them the next day. I appreciate the online support but we are also always meeting new people with whom we have much in common at the library, the grocery, the ballfield etc. I guess I value both kinds of friends and I find as much support as I desire in both kinds of relationships. Don't believe you need to join a group because that's what good moms do and likewise, don't not join a group because you think you think good moms don't need them. Decide what will work best for you and fit into your lifestyle.
  • Renee,

    Have you tried Mothers of Preschoolers? Itıs for moms who have kids from infants to 5-year-olds. Iıve been in MOPS for five years now and really enjoy it. I checked out the MOPS site,, for groups in your area and here are the three groups I found - maybe one will be near you (also, if you go on-line, they have map links to show you where the church is located):

    West End Assembly of God
    Address:401 Parham Rd
    Richmond VA 23229 United States
    email:[email protected]
    Web site:
    Meeting Day: THURSDAYS Time:9:00AM

    Grove Avenue Baptist Church
    Address:8701 Ridge Rd
    Richmond VA 23229 United States
    Meeting Day: EVERY
    OTHER TU Time:9:30AM-12:

    Cornerstone Assembly of God
    Address:10551 Chalkley Rd
    Richmond VA 23237 United States
    Meeting Day: 2ND &
    4TH TU Time:10:00AM-12:00PM

    Hope this helps,

    Joan Campbell
    Cape Coral, FL MOPS
  • Joan and all,
    Thanks for the input! Joan, the first church you listed shouldn't be far from where we are. I love the support here.