Well...I have another "baby"...

  • No...Not a new baby(Not Yet;-) )

    I have another home business.....I'm up to 3 now!!!

    WHY you ask

    Well....I don't really know. I guess if I'm crazy enough to have 3 kids...why not 3 business'???

    I won't "advertise"...but I will mention the 3 things...

    *The Mom Team(My first "baby)*
    *Towelbuddies(My 2nd "baby")*
    *DiscoveryToys(Newest addition)*

    I have also been contimplating homeschooling my 8 year old

    Anyway...just wanted to share

    Goodnight ladies
  • Wow you sure do have your hands full! They say that you'll be successful if you love your job :-)

    Oh, and thanks for not advertising ;-)
  • Well...I just got started with the last 2, so I don't know how well they'll do...but they looked like something I could have fun with, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    I'll have to go to the homeschooling board...but I may as well ask here...Does anyone live in Oregon and have any information on this, or can at least tell me where to go for information??

    Thank You
  • Wow
    Kim, you must have great organizational/juggling skills. That's great that you've taken on another "baby"!
    I keep telling myself I'll start a home business soon. I think I'll know when I'm ready to start one.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Hey, Kim!
    I started a thread on homeschooling and home businesses at the Homeschooling Forum. Stop by and ask more questions!

    Kelly H.
  • I'm sure you'll know when you're ready! I knew I needed to do something to help out with bills, and going to work wasn't a forseeable option...I didn't want to leave my kids in daycare...been there, done that!

    Anyway, when the time is right, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you check everything out before you get started. I learned the hard way by sending money through the mail, and not really knowing what I was getting into...BIG mistake. I lost about $200 bam..it was gone.

    I guess what I'm saying is make sure you are ready, and find something that you want to do, that doesn't require a HUGE investment.

    Just a little friendly advise
  • Thanks for the tip!
    I'll make sure I'm ready before I start anything. I just got back online - I was in the hospital taking care of my DS who was hospitalized for respiratory problems. Family first!!!

  • Always family first! I hope your son is doing better!

  • He's doing a lot better...thanks.
    I just have to give him treatments at home with a machine they sent us home with.