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Leace 09-04-2002 07:43 PM

New to Forum; New to Florida!!

Hi My name is Leace. I am new to this Fourm, and new to Florida. To introduce myself, I am a single mom with 2 DD's. They are 17 and 11. I live in Pinellas County, in Clearwater Florida. We like it here so far. The girls really like it although it is hard to "start over".

Anyone have any idea's for "cheap" ways to have fun on the weekends with the girls?? It seems like all my friends up north seem to think we are laying under a palm tree all the time! Either that or hanging out at Disney every weekend!!!

I do like this forum and the craft ideas and cooking ideas. I am not all that great of a cook, but I am working on it!!

Thanks to all of you!

Dancemom 09-20-2002 08:31 AM

Welcome Lease,

Clearwater is a really nice place to live. I used to visit that area when my great-grandmother was living. I know what you mean about what your friends up north think about Florida. I went to college out of state, and honest to goodness friends who came home with me were surprised that the beach didn't start at the state line! I live in the northern part of the state, and am at least an hour or more from any beaches. I don't know about now, but we used to have fun looking for shells and flying kites on the beach.


bobbibon 09-20-2002 06:01 PM

Hi Leace, and welcome. I had the opportunity this last week to be in your neck of the woods. We had driven over one of the bridges and drove north up the coast and ended up in Clearwater to cross the other bridge. Sorry can't remember the names. Anyway, what a fun place Clearwater is. I would think just being at the beach would be inexpensive fun. I am contemplating moving to the Tampa/Brandon area but really loved Clearwater.:daisy:

Leace 09-20-2002 07:36 PM

Thanks for saying "hi".....
:* 8-)

Hello, and thanks for replying to my post. Yes, Clearwater is nice and we do too love the BEACH! Theres the hot white sandy area and the waves of the salty waters. We usually go in the morning and leave before it gets too hot. Then we go home and swim in the pool. Then its a good time for naps!

It seems like everything else that is fun to do around here, is too hot to do it. I am not used to this HEAT yet. And I can't wait until the winter!!

I will NOT miss that snow either! YUCK! To drive in that is terrible.

Thanks again for saying "hi".

Laura Conrad 09-21-2002 01:34 PM

Hey Lease,
We are practically neighbors, I live in Largo.

Leace 09-21-2002 03:37 PM


Yes, we live right near Largo. Whats there to do around here????

Besides the beach that is!!


Sueanne 09-21-2002 05:14 PM

Welcome to Floridea
Hi Leace, Welcome to Florida

I live in Central Florida in Lake County. It is an hour from the beach in both directions. I am glad especially when the Hurricanes hit it never seem to come inland as much. Where did you move from? I am sure if you go to your local welcome center they will have alot of brochures for you to read. Nice to have you on our board. Sueanne:daisy:

Laura Conrad 09-22-2002 11:06 AM


We have alot of museums here in Pinellas The Dali,great expolrations[children's hands on museum] and Museumof fine Arts all in St. Petersburg. The St. Pete pier is fun to go to .

In Tampa we have the MOSI [museim of science and industry] Kids like that one. the Florida Aquarium amd my kid's and my favorite the Lowry Park Zoo.

clearwater has an aquarium on Clearwater Beach, Clearwater also has the Sun and Fun festival around May of each year. They have a parade that goes through downtown Clearwater.

In the Fall , just look in the paper and there is always something going on. In the Summer it is pretty quiet here since it is so hot and the snowbirds aren't around.

Also in Largo there is a park called Heritage Village. It is a interesting place to go if you want to know the history of the area. they have quite a few old buildings from all over the county like an old store,school, church. It's even free.

Tarpon Springs has the Sponge Docks. They have boat rides and a little shopping village. It's a fun place to learn about Greek heritage.

Most of the things I have mentioned do not cost that much, we also have Busch Gardens which is fun but very expensive. They do put on a special for an annual Florida resident pass which is a good buy even if you only go three times a year. Lots of roller coasters for the kids.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Leace 09-22-2002 05:28 PM


Hi Laura,

Thanks for all the ideas! I think my girls would LOVE to do some of what you mentioned! It will be nice once it cools off a little. I am not used to the HEAT yet. I get a bit cranky when I have to get in the HOT car! YUCK! But I always treat myself to a frozen coffee drink at Starbucks. I will keep an eye out for things to do around here too.

Also, they are involved with church things, the youth group and thats good.

I am also looking for things for me to do while they are at school. I am thinking of volunteering at Emma's school. And maybe Lorissa's school too.

Thanks again!

Sally O 02-24-2011 08:53 PM

Hi Laura, and Leace, I lived in Largo for 31 years. Moved about 3 years ago to Pinellas Park. I love the beach. But I have got to say that Indian Rocks beach is my favorite!!! It is so quiet there when Spring Break is not happening. I dont have any kids, but my sister and Brother in law were just down from Ohio and we went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see Winter the dolphin. Get a chance stop in the Largo mall on the corner of Ulmerton Rd and Seminole Blvd, I work at Marshalls stop and say hi. Or ask if I am there. I would love to meet anybody that lives in the area near me!! Sally

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