Any PA ladies been to the new Costco in Robinson?

  • My parents gave us a free membership. They prefer Sams for the prices. The thing is we live on the other side of the county. I know the membershop is free but would the drive/distance be worth the time? What do you get at costco? We did not renew Sams cause we are unemployed. However I have a interview at Home Depot tomorrow . Please tell me your experience w/Costco.
  • Hi Miracle

    We went to Costcos they other day and asked for a pass to look around. You cant buy anything, just look. It looked a lot like Sams to me. We used to belong to Sams but didnt re-new because it was such a drive for us, too, and we rarely bought enough to cover the price to join. If you have a free membership, I would say to check it out ( if you havent already) and plan ahead to go and to shop for holidays or I ised to think of taking a cooler and stocking up on meat and veggies while there.

    How did the interview with Home Depot go ? I got into it with a Dept. manger there last week. I couldnt believe that someone who was so rude actually worked with the public. :mad:
    Sure hope things go great for you there though !

  • We did not get the membership. It is way to far for us to drive when there is a sma club a half mile from us. No, I did not get the home depot job and they never told me why. I'm actually glad I did not get the job. I just dont have the bad attitude they have and are looking for. I'm too nice to work there(my opinion)