New yorkers???

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  • Hello.................
  • We're Ny'ers by family. We live in NC now but my husband is from Chittenango, NY.

    Welcome to FC!!
  • Thank you!!

    My husband and I broke down up there once...I'm about oh, an hour from there...thanks for chiming in!

    Where in NC are you? I have family and friends down there................
  • We live in Mount's right outside of Charlotte. We were sent here via my husband's job. There's lots of NYers & PAers (my home) here around us.
  • well that's great, huh? small world!
  • Hi Sheryl, I'm a New Yorker, born and bred.

    Eastern upstate, Lake George area.
  • Hey, there....
    Nice to meet you!

    I actually grew up in the Boston area but have lived out here for years!

    Binghamton area....north of Binghamton - East of Ithaca, West of Albany - South of Syracuse!

  • Nice to meet you too.
  • New York
    Hi, I'm from Staten Island, New York. Born & raised. Nice to meet you
  • Hi.. waking up and seeing this tread fro the first time! I am a dyed in the wool NY'er, Growing up in The Bronx, living in Yonkers for a while, and moving "up state" to Rockland County. I can still see NYC from some local vantage points, But I live in suburbia for sure. Rockland county is on the "other side" of the river from Manhattan, so we are usually lumped in with NJ. But we're full of folks who grew up in all five boroughs. It's lovely here. I love in Stony Point, whose landmass is mostly made up of state parkland. Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, the Ramapo Mountains. Very wild and beautiful still. So... I figured after 8 years; I'd stop by and say hello. The last time I was here,nobody else was!