Visiting Oklahoma?

  • Okay, I am your friend from FC,(please read the fine print) I just let you know that I am touring the U.S. and I would like you to be my tour guide for Oklahoma!

    I need to make an itinerary, I want to make good use of my time of course!

    So, what I want to know is what will you show me in your area while I am visiting? Do you maybe live near the state capital? Is there a neat beach near you? A tour of a cool factory? Your sweet get-a-way place?

    What type of food will I be eating?

    What will be our mode of transportation while touring? Car, bus, train, taxi?

    And I would also like to know what area you are in (north, south, east, west, central). And what I will need to pack, as far as clothing goes.

    (okay, so this is fictional, I just thought it would be neat if everyone could let everyone else know what is cool in your area, just in case someone might want to visit)
  • Hi! I am in the area known as Green Country which is the northeast corner of the state. There are many places that are good to see in my state.
    Love to crawl the museums and art galleries? Let's rent a car and see . . .
    Gilcrease Museum
    Philbrook Art Museum
    Tulsa Air and Space Museum
    National Memorial and Museum (4-19-1995)
    The Cowboy Hall of Fame and Natural Hustory Museum
    A drop by the state capital to see the only oil well ever to have been on capital grounds.
    Come to Pawhuska and drive through the Tall Grass Prarie and see the largest herd of buffalo. Go to Claremore and visit the Will Rogers Museum and then hit all the antique places up and down main street.
    Come during May and we'll join in the Red Dirt Festival and see the Pow-wow in Anadarko.
    The trip to each city and the visit to the museums can be done during a week.
    Want to eat? We have anywhere from steak to Sushi -
    Jamil's with Lebonese side dishes
    Zio's and their Italian dishes
    Come to the 'House that Bob built' -
    Cain's Ballroom for any type of music.
    The BOK Center is a new venue hosting top-notch entertainment.
    Love to fish or just play in the water? There are over a dozen lakes within a day's drive.

    Bring sunscreen and light clothes for summer - sweaters for spring and fall - a good coat for winter.
    We do not have snow every year but we aren't termed "Tornado Alley" for nothin' - during bad storms just watch the news and follow the basic tornado tips and you'll have no problems. I'll let you know when to duck!
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