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mom2-4 07-18-2008 04:35 AM

Visiting Missouri?
Okay, I am your friend from FC,(please read the fine print) I just let you know that I am touring the U.S. and I would like you to be my tour guide for Missouri!

I need to make an itinerary, I want to make good use of my time of course!

So, what I want to know is what will you show me in your area while I am visiting? Do you maybe live near the state capital? Is there a neat beach near you? A tour of a cool factory? Your sweet get-a-way place? Show me your state!

What type of food will I be eating?

What will be our mode of transportation while touring? Car, bus, train, taxi?

And I would also like to know what area you are in (north, south, east, west, central). And what I will need to pack, as far as clothing goes.

(okay, so this is fictional, I just thought it would be neat if everyone could let everyone else know what is cool in your area, just in case someone might want to visit)

graceygrammy 07-18-2008 06:33 AM

This is a neat idea.....

I live in southern Missouri. While you are here we will drive by car to Branson, this town has enough entertainment to warrant a stay of a few days at least, there are live shows, a large lake with Riverboats and rides, a theme park call Silver Dollar City, and lots of shopping all set in the Ozark mountains.
Next we will visit Ha Ha Tonka, this is the ruins of a castle that is now part of a State Park. There is such a sad love story about how this castle came to be.

Bring cool clothes because the temps hit in the 90's here in the middle of the Summer.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do here. I will give some other Missourians a chance.

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