Visiting Michigan?

  • Okay, I am your friend from FC,(please read the fine print) I just let you know that I am touring the U.S. and I would like you to be my tour guide for Michigan!

    I need to make an itinerary, I want to make good use of my time of course!

    So, what I want to know is what will you show me in your area while I am visiting? Do you maybe live near the state capital? Is there a neat beach near you? A tour of a cool factory? Your sweet get-a-way place? Will we see the Great Lakes?

    What type of food will I be eating?

    What will be our mode of transportation while touring? Car, bus, train, taxi?

    And I would also like to know what area you are in (north, south, east, west, central). And what I will need to pack, as far as clothing goes.

    (okay, so this is fictional, I just thought it would be neat if everyone could let everyone else know what is cool in your area, just in case someone might want to visit)
  • Ha Karen,
    Should you find out all this info...let me know, lol....we are so new to SW Michigan that we are always looking for new places to visit. We are in our mid 60's but can do most anything....I just don't think bungie jumping or mountain climbing will