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  • I can't believe there isn't any posting here!!!
    I was born in the most southeastern corner of the state. Grew up here, got married and moved away. Due to good timing my family and I were able to move back. It is a wonderful place to live. Granted we are considered to be the end of the road and beyond but I love it anyway. There are about 400-450 people in my home town. One SMALL grocery store, 5 churches, 3 bars, 1 gas station, and a few other stores. The economy is really slow and the shopping stinks but it is a great place to raise kids. They can run around and you don't have to worry about them. There is a little bit of drugs as with everywhere but the D.A.R.E. program is strong. If you would like to know more or just want to visit just let me know. I'm always open to making new friends.
  • Rhonda,
    Hi, I can't believe there isn't more on this post either. I live in the Bear Paws Mountain range. Near Havre and Chinook, Big Sandy. You would think that more people would look on this site who live in Montana since this is a low income state . I just started looking on this site a couple of months ago. I really like it. It has help me alot I am all for finding ways to save money. I am just starting to do the oamc and I really like that. I get a kick out of reading where everyone else is cutting corners. I live so far out I dont' get around to town to do the yards sells. But I save money by not going to town I guess that helpsWell I guess I better go for now. My gd is wanting to make cookies. I am already trying to teach her to be frugal. We are going to do alot of cookies today and freeze some for later We will ck back to this site later.
    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How is it going?
    Boy, this is a quiet site!!
    We have been having some nasty weather here. Last week we were without electricity for 2 days from a storm that came through. The weather service said it was just high winds but all the locals said that it was a tornado. In fact they figured there was at least 3 of them. It snapped the heavy electric poles off like toothpicks. It was really interesting. We had pretty high winds again last night but no damage was done. I just wish we would get more rain. At least we aren't as dry as Colorado. Well unfortunately dishes await so until next time.

    Your friend in Montana,
  • Just wanted to let you know what is up. We are now in "red flag" conditions that means no fires, campfires, smoking outside, ect. My husband has gone to one fire so far and there was three fires within 40 miles of here yesterday. It is extremely dry and I don't think there is any rain in the near future. People are already putting their cows on winter pastures and basically there is no haying to do. The old times here said that the conditions are reminding them of the dust bowl. It is getting real depressing. It doesn't matter how much you water your garden,ect. it looks as if you haven't watered it at all. Didn't mean to depress anyone just wanted to update you on the local happenings.

  • Hi I just found this site today and I am glad I did I am also from Montana and would love to chat I am in East Helena and love it here! Hope to hear from you soon
  • Hi Ibsabol,
    Glad you made it to this site. I love this site. I have been on it for a few months now.
    I live in the Bear Paw Mountain range. I use to live at Wolf Creek, Lincoln, and Missoula. I have friends in east Helena. How is your weather down there. Today it is going to be hot. I am going to Havre with my daughter in law and her mom. I don't know how frugel I can be going to town, but I will try.
    I also do crafts, read, watch movies,garden and play with grandkids for recreation. What do you do?
    What are some of your frugal tips that you use?
  • A big welcome to you!!!
    Glad to have you with us ibsabol. I have been on for a short time but I love this site also. I haven't been on much due to really busy schedules. As you know I'm from Ekalaka which is in the extreme southeast of the state. Not much here but it is a great place to raise kids. I grew up here and it is nice to be back home. I also know a few people up by Missoula, Helena, and Kalispell. I was able to take a trip up to that neck of the woods last summer for the first time and it is beautiful.

    Once again welcome and I hope we can stay in touch.

  • Thanks
    T Thanks for the warm welcome you two My step dad grew up in Ekalaka..his last name was Senrud..?
    I like this site and I hope we keep in touch here I love living here, the only thing about Helena is, we need more good shopping! Like a Sam's or something!~ for being the capital and all.. I usually go to Gt Falls or Billings to shop. I am the assistant director of the largest daycare center in Montana..Kids in Motion and I absolutly love my job We have about 70 kids enrolled right now! Mt lady, the bearpaws are beautiful!
    My hobbies are: crafts, kids, 4wheelers, watching my son play hockey, sprint cars, reading, renting movies(i watched John Q last night really good!!) my puter and lots more! I am not very frugal, but I try lol Keep in touch and I will check back often
  • What was your step-dad's first name. I recognize the last name of Senrud. What a small world we live in!!!. Maybe we know each other or each others families!!!!

  • Hi Rhonda,
    It is a small world! My step dad's first name was Bob...he was killed in a car accident in Missoula about 20 yrs ago He did have family there, dont know about now tho. I have never been there so I have no idea what its like lol
    If you have any more new please let me know and thanks!