Any Marylanders?

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  • Linda
    Small world...we lived in Bush River Manor. I did not like the location.though. I like to be within walking distance to most things because of the kids,2DD's. No bus to school either. I grew up on the street I live on now and my parents still live in the same house up the street. Nice to be close when they need something and my MOm watches the kids when I work. We get along great with them and we all know how to stay out of each others way, so it works out well. Glad to hear you like the area so much...I did like to here all of the frogs in the am. I do miss that.
  • Dear Mom2girls,
    Wow! Which street did you live on in Bush River? We are Poclain and, yes, the frogs are nice to listen to. I also enjoy the sound of the birds in the woods out our back window.
    Well, I am in the middle of supper. Let me know where you used to live here. This is neat. Wish I'd had the opportunity to meet you while you were here.
    Have a good one!
  • It really is a small world. Mom2girls, I grew up in Dundalk as well and even graduated from Dundalk high school. It's a shame what a poor stereotype that Dundalk gets, I think it is a great community. When I went to college and said where I was from, someone said "you don't talk like you are from Dundalk!" I guess I should have been using "hon" for every other word!! Oh well, some people are suprised to find out there are actually educated people from there!! Do you enjoy going to the Heritage Fair? I look forward to making a trip there every year to see if I see any old friends and getting funnel cake!! Can't wait, it will be here before I know it.

  • Linda

    We lived on Bennett, on the corner across from the feild. We had a large enclosed deck. I think the new ownwers took the roof off?


    The fair is just around the corner. My DD dances at it every year on the first day, just got off the phone about it. I enjoy going and look forward to the fried veggies and lemonade. I also attended Dundalk High,1982. I was just talking to someone yesterday that said they have a neighbor in Perry Hall that is from Dundalk but refuses to tell anyone. She let's everyone know for her since she is also from Dundalk.

    Gotta get the kids a bath

    Hello fellow Marylanders!!
    Living in Bowie but grew up in College Park. Love Maryland!
    I usually go steamed crabs once or twice a summer. We just found a great place for crab cakes...TIMBUKTU! Anyone else ever been there? It's off Rt. 100 maybe Dorsey Run. Not sure. My hubby was driving. I was daydreaming about the crab cake I would be eating! They're huge!
  • JeanieT1965
    Where in College Park did you grow up? I lived in the old Hollywood section, near Edgewood, right next to the Beltway.

    We're heading north to visit family, and get some of those crabs! There is nothing like them!
    I grew up on Laguna Road. On the side of the shopping center, not 7-11. We moved there in '69 and moved to Bowie in '83. I have such great memories! My brother and I played ball for the boys/girls club at Duvall Field. Played tennis at HollyPark/Birch Field.
    I went to Hollywood Elementary for kindergarten and first grade, then went to Holy Redeemer in Berwyn through 8th grade.
    Do you remember the Chicken Roost or was it Chicken Stop?? The little grill in the shopping center when the A&P was there! It was great food! And Bambino's? I think that's what it was called. Right next to Hollywood Drug. Do you remember Mr. Mason from the High's store?
    I had a great childhood there!
  • Oh MY!
    I grew up on Nantucket Road! We moved there in 68. High's was down the street and through the alley! I went to HS with Mr. Mason's daughter, Angie. Chicken Stop is still there, too. I went to Hollywood Elem, then Beltsville JH and the High Point.
    Bambino's Pizza! I had forgotten about them. I remember sitting on the asphalt hill in front of Hollywood Drugs eating candy and drinking soda! Remember they had a little restaurant in there, too.
    What a small world!
  • WoW!
    WoW! We probably know alot of the same people. I haven't seen many people from there in a long time. But I hear that a good many are here in Bowie and Crofton.
    I remember getting the greasiest steak and cheese subs from chicken stop! I had a really good s/c from Bambinos when I was 10. I was hungry and my dad gave me money and let me walk there. I felt so grown up.
    Sometimes I ride down the old street and everything looks so small and close together! They were great times though and that was a great place to grow up. Some of the old families are still there!
    Did you have Mrs. Morgan for kindergarten? Most everyone had her for a teacher.
    I ended up going to Pallotti for High School and graduated in '83.
    I would have gone to Beltsville JR. High and then Parkdale. Now my oldest son wrestles guys from Parkdale. I don't remember high school guys being that big when I was in high school!!
    I barely recognized Beltway Plaza when I passed by a month ago. It's huge!! When I got my driver's license, I would go there on Friday nights and get me and my mom calzones from 3 Brothers.
  • Hi everyone
    How is Maryland faring in the winter of 2003-2004 ?
    Take care