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  • Hi Indiana Friends! Cool Site!

    I thank God every day for letting me meet my friends from Indiana. I sure enjoy chatting with all of you. Have a nice evening and I think it would be fun sometime to be able to meet my friends from Indiana, maybe we could do this sometime and go out for lunch or supper. we would have fun!!!
  • Dreamweaver and Craftybear2001
    Morning ladies:

    Yes, this is a wonderful place to meet new people. I've never been afraid to post here. This is the first forum I ever joined.

    I am basically a boring person. I have a hard time thinking of interesting things to say. I think that's why I married a man that does enough talking for both of us. lol But I am a good listener and I do care. Here, on the puter, I have time to think up things to say and don't feel the pressure I do on a one on one conversation. My daughter can't believe I've posted so many times on here. She keeps asking if after all these years I've changed and become a chatterbox.

    Anyway, I haven't been sorry for opening myself up here. There are so many threads in here to interest a wide variety of ladies. Welcome to the club.
  • ladyinmaille
    I do not think you are boring at all!

    You are probably just shy.

    When I first meet people I am very shy.

    Although I really do not meet very many people( in person) any more.

    My hubby is very out going so I usually let him do the talking and I just listen!

    Sometimes I get lonely but that happens when you don't know very many people and none of your family lives in the same state that you do.

    I do look forward to our Family Reunions tho that we have every two years. 34 people altogether for one week is certainly alot of fun! Those memories help me get through the lonely times.

    Well, now that I have bored you all I am going to go back to email.

    Have a GREAT Day!

  • mmbsl aka Mary
    Oh my goodness, you are just like me, then. I always let my husband do the talking, too. I swear he can start up a conversation with a door if he wanted to. I just can't think of current or witty things to say. I used to throw up when I had to meet new people.

    I don't mind talking on here or on the phone. Here I can have time to think what to say and on the phone if I get too flustered I can always accidently hang up.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that suffers with this.

    I am sorry to hear that you have no family close to you. That has to be a real heartbreaker. Hopefully you can travel to see them for some of the holidays. I know when we were in the service, we had to miss some holidays and I'd always end up crying that day.

    Hope you have a great day, too.
  • Hello all!

    I am so pleased to be a part of this forum. I too am a pretty shy person. Sometimes I come off as being "stuck-up" when people first meet me, some people have told me this. But I think it is because I just don't know what to say and am not as witty as others, so I don't say anything. You're right the puter does give you a different way of communicating.

    Keep up the good work here, you have no idea what it does for the soul to know there are people out there that careDreamweaver
    I wanted to say more but the message length was too long it said
  • Dreamweaver
    Don't ya just hate that when it tells you that you've written too much. lol For people like us that don't talk that much it makes us go, "huh"? impossible. lol

    There are so many threads on here that it would take a month to read everything the ladies have posted. All kinds of crafts and menus and all the help you could ask for. Threads for happily married, unhappily married, divorced, widowed, children, grandchildren, home schooling, decorating, organizing. The lists go on and on and on. Oh, and health issues, too.

    The lady that started all this is Amanda and she is just like the rest of us. Just a woman on a mission. I think she's wonderful to have started all of this.

    Where I live all the leaves are off the trees and the ground looks like a multicolored carpet. It's crisp outside. Today was mostly sunny. I love the sun. Not to be out in it so much as to just see it. I usually go into depression towards the end of February because of lack of enough sunshine. I've finally gotten better at recognizing when it starts and can fight it off a little better.

    Gotta go check out the other threads. Hope everyone has a good evening.
  • Nice Friends to help each other!

    I just love this forum. As there are so many nice people and things to read about to sure make you SMILE! Thank you everyone for sharing ideas and friendship. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!
  • Holidays
    Thank goodness for Christmas we will be home this year.
    Just 3 of us!

    Then the day after Christmas we head for Chicago to celebrate
    Christmas with my hubby's family PLUS my two oldest girls will be there from MO.

    For Thanksgiving we will be home too.

    The Holidays will be hard this year for we lost my Mom on Mother's Day of this year.

  • mmbsl
    Holidays are hard for me too. I lost my sister 5 yrs ago on Christmas Eve. So i get really depressed this time of year just knowing it's coming. But have tried to convince myself that she would not have wanted it that way for that was her favorite holiday. I spent Christmas last year totally alone. I won't do that this year. I plan on going to southern IN if at all possible. Have 3 grandchildren, Shana, 9months...Hannah,2 yrs. and Christian 5 yrs. old. Children are what make it fun.
    Thanksgiving I will be here in Muncie or actually Summitville at my boyfriend's family. Just try to remember that the loved ones we have lost are still in our hearts so they haven't really died have they? I lost my Grandmother last year exactly one week before 9/11. She was 96, she raised me more or less. Miss her terribly at the holidays too. Guess we'll all have to just help each other.
  • Holidays!

    Holidays are a rough time for everyone. I think it is because we think back about our lost ones and so forth.


    Summitville is only 6 miles from my house! My husband grew up on a farm in Summitville. Wow! that is cool.

    Nice chatting with everyone and need to run and fix supper!