Moving from Michigan to Maine

  • My husband and I are talking about moving to the Portland, Maine area closer to his family. I would like to know what it's like to live out there. Is it expensive to live? What would you recommend for starting out? I would love any input on Maine. I tried to get info on moving to Maine but everyone wants to charge for it and when money's real tight right now, it's impossible. Tell me what you like or dislike about the state, government, etc.

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    Hi Patsi, I lived in Maine for 51 years. It is a beautiful state to live in , but, I think very expensive. We moved to
    tn just because of that and aalso, because we love this state. The groceries I find to be very expensive now compared to here in Tn. Our taxes were $1000.00 a year on a double wide mobile home and 1 acre of land there. We now have a 3 br. brick home and 5 acres of land and 2 four car garages and our taxes are $151.00 a year. Maine is a beautiful state, and does have its advantages. You have the ocean with miles of shore line, no fear of snakes, seafood if you like it,fresh apples in the fall, beautiful senery in the fall with the colors of leaves. There's lots of history throughout the state. It's not to bad for heat in the summer but, real cold in the winter,being form Mich. you are used to cold.There can be lots of snow or no snow at all. I didn't live in Portldan ,but, did live in Westbrook, Standish , Parsonsfield and Mechanic Falls where I grew up. You have wonderful hospitals Maine Med is a teaching hospital and i would rather go there if I had to than any where else. The school systems are good , some are better than others depends on the town or city where you are.It gets rather crowded in the summer with the tourists coming in for the beaches.But, all in all it's not a bad place to live, just to expensive for us. I hope this helps. I would not want to live there again, but, my family is there so I do fly back every once in a while for a couple of weeks for a visit. Good luck on your move.
  • I am so envious of you. I have never been to Maine but it is a dream of mine.

    Have you tried finding info. on the Web?

    Here are a few sites: ***********

    I will look for more info. to help you out too.

    Good Luck with your move!!
  • I grew up in Parsonsfield, Maine and used to work in Portland. I lived there until I moved to NH when I got married. Portland is an awesome city. There are many museums and cultural events, lots of places to shop including malls and the Old Port where there are anything from fresh fish markets to antiques. There are incredible restaurants and beautiful ocean beaches near by. Something things are expensive in Maine but other things are not. I think New England in general is expensive compared to the southern part of the country. People are very friendly in Maine and very welcoming. Depending on where you buy a house depends on pricing and what your tax base is. Portland has good schools and several colleges. (I attended the University of Southern Maine which has a campus in Gorham and in Portland) There is also public transportation in Portland which is great for getting around and there is also a airport and trains to Boston. I still go to Portland several times a year and visit my mom and family in Parsonsfield all the time. It is a great place to live and I wish you all the best in your move!
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    Quote: My husband and I are talking about moving to the Portland, Maine area closer to his family. I would like to know what it's like to live out there.
    Hi - Though we have not lived in Maine for a few years now, we try to go back every year to visit since we have a lot of family still there.

    We now live in NC & miss Maine every day. It is beautiful & has the change of seasons.
    If I could I would live there from about April through October - my favorite times. Winters can be cold & snowy but often on the coast we never had enough snow to cross country ski or build snowmen. There are a lot of cold icy days there. Further inland there more snow. It is a large state with mountains to the west & north.

    The Portland area is probably one of the most expensive areas. I would suggest picking a smaller non-coastal town so you could find a less expensive place to rent or buy (also lower property taxes). Many of the coastal towns cater to tourists & prices for everything is high during the tourist season (Memorial day to Columbus day) High season is July to Labor day.

    Maine is gorgeous - has all kinds of great places to enjoy the outdoors from coast to inland lakes to mountains & people take advantage of it. People there I think are also more environmentally aware & respect resources and expect to work hard for what they want.

    There has been a tremendous influx of wealthy people from "away" coming in & buying up property.

    I would suggest looking at the magazine Downeast or looking at newspapers (Portland Sunday Telegram, Portland Press herald or others) online for info. Also Maine has free relocation packets like most other areas do & can give you specifics.

    Good luck & feel free to contact me directly for more info.

    Rebecca aka Pippe
  • I've lived in Maine all my life...
    Hi Patsi,

    My name is Tammy. A friend of mine from MI sent me a link to this thread, as she thought I might be able to help you, since I have lived in Maine my whole life.

    I have traveled to other parts of the country and world, and I still don't think I could consider any other place home. What I like best about Maine is how we get the full range of seasons here. It is hot in the summer, beautiful and crisp in the fall, and fun in the winter -- especially if you are an outdoor person. I like a white Christmas myself. I have to admit that I get a little sick of the cold and the snow by mid-Ferbruary, but by then there's really only about another couple of months of it before spring finally gets here.

    I live in a suburb of Portland. Portland is a pretty diverse place -- lots to do with a variety of neighborhoods and income levels. I personally prefer to only visit the city and live in a surrounding community, just because the hustle and bustle of the city overwhelms me. Living close affords my family (I'm a wife and mother) to enjoy the benefits of Portland's culture and also the green grass and quiet of the suburbs. I also REALLY like living so close to the ocean.

    Although I haven't read the other responses you have gotten, I am sure that someone will tell you that Maine can be a little expensive. We are usually at the top end of the price for gasoline and heating oil (especially nowadays), and quality food and other items can be expensive here. But if you prefer to buy organic produce, etc., you will have a good variety of places from which to purchase it. Vegetarian Times Magazine recently named Portland one of the 'greenest' cities in the nation.

    Most communities have recycling programs. Taxes are high. Sales tax is 5%, and the mil rate of our property taxes is an average of $20 per thousand. A small 2BR condo will cost you a minimum of $175K, and a spacious 4BR colonial with a two-car garage will run you about $300-400K.

    The school systems are pretty good, but as a parent, I have found more of this has to do with the individual teacher your child has than the specific town or city.

    Another thing I like here is that although we do have cold winters, we do not have any disasters that frequently assault us like other areas of the US. We very rarely get hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. And we have no poisonous snakes. (My husband jokes that all the bad snakes in New Hampshire must know how to read and see the signs when they get too close to the border. LOL)

    If there is anything else I can tell you, please just ask. I'd be happy to help if I can.

    Best of luck!