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Snad 08-30-2006 10:14 PM

Looking for a friend
I have lost contact with my friend. Her name is Sandy Edgson and her husbands name is Graeme.He works for Ford.
She is approx 43 and the last time I had contact with her was in the UK. We worked at an airport together, in 1997 I think she lives in MI, but it could be Maryland, not really sure. She is approx 5ft 9in tall and had blonde hair. She was born in Maryland I know that.
Does anyone know her?
I really miss our friendship as we were quite close, but when she left to return to US, I lost contact. I would love to find her email address so we can get in touch again. Is there a way of finding this out with just a name?
Any help would be appreciated. TIA

I have also posted this in the MI section, just in case.

cat lover 10-03-2017 05:52 AM


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