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MKPesce556 02-23-2005 07:26 AM

A Helpful Request
Hello?? My name is Kathy. I am new to the Virginia Beach area. I just moved here from New Jersey and I am trying to find a Women's Support Group that I can get involved with so that I can get out of my sad depression that I am in. :( I moved here becuz my husband got transferred. He is still working out of the house right now and I'm kind of in the process of looking for work but I don't even know where to start cuz I'm not even familiar with my surroundings yet. :(
I'm a mother of a 10 year old who also is a Special Ed child and I am a woman in my 40's. I really need help with this and if someone can reply back to me with any kind of info they can help me with... I would really appreciate it.

Thank U in the request.... :help:

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Abear 02-23-2005 05:57 PM

Hi Kathy! Welcome to Family Corner! I am Cindy, also in my 40's. I have three children, a 20 y.o. daughter, a 13 y.o. son and a 10 y.o. son.

My husband used to be in the Navy so I know how hard it is moving to new places. We moved here almost 7 years ago when my husband got a medical discharge. I still don't feel like I really, totally "belong".

I can't offer you info on the new area you moved to but I can tell you that the members of this site are so supportive of each other. If you jump in, you'll find warm, comforting support.

Here's the link to the Introduce yourself thread:

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Click on any of the links below and it will take you to different threads/subjects around the site. Once there, just click on "post reply" and jump in with both feet! You'll have fun, meet some great people and just have an all around good time. If you ever need some extra help just click on the "pm" button at the bottom of my post and send me a private message. I'll do all that I can to lend a helping hand!

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Pag36 03-04-2005 11:07 AM

Hi Kathy, I am not that far from you. My hubby was military that is how I got here eons ago. 7/68. I also have a Sp Ed daughter tho' she is your age bracket so can identify a bit with you. And I claim NJ and GA as home. So what part of NJ are you from? Good luck on getting a job once you get use to the area. Take care and God bless, will look for you on other threads.

watkinsnewbie 03-04-2005 02:58 PM

Welcome to the board!:catdrink: :bouncer:

jb829 03-05-2005 07:59 AM

Hi, Kathy, it's nice to meet you. I don't know what's available in your corner of the world, as I live in Georgia, but have you tried going to any of the churches around you? Many churches today have women's groups, and would probably LOVE to have you as a member. Some of the ones I've seen here meet on weekday mornings, so I've not been able to attend the women's meetings, because I work, but since you're not working right now, and I'm assuming your child is in school, possibly you could check them out. Another idea is to check out the phone book for 12-step meetings...I *think* there is a 12-step for depression. If you can't find one listed, call the Alcoholics Anonymous number and ask them if they know of any. And actually, a lot of the 12-Step AA groups welcome people who are NOT alcoholics, because the program is such a great way to help better your life.

Abear, that was such a fantastic listing of the boards here!!!! I've put it on my monitor, lol...instant index to familycorner! Thank you, hear?

Hi, pag, how are ya?

Good luck to ya, Kathy.

jb829 03-05-2005 08:05 AM

Hi, Watkins, I missed your post somehow...didn't mean to ignore you!

Kathy, I had another there a YWCA in your area anywhere? They might have something you can utilize, also. And I would think that just about any hospital would know of something, and might have support groups right there at the hospital.

In the meantime, check out the regional forums right here at familycorner, see if you can't meet some women from your area. I'm on the GA forum, and love it, and have met four of the women that post there. I *met* pag there, but since she's so far away from me, I doubt I'll ever actually see her face to face. But, she's still a great friend. Use your computer, it can do you a world of good, believe me.

Pag36 03-05-2005 08:26 AM

Joyce thank you I consider you a good friend too. Cathy I consider Savannah, GA as one of my homes thus I went to the GA Board since NO one was at the VA board. You are welcome to go there too and join in on us, we would love to have you. We have a lady on there that lives in Alabama as well as myself here in VA and another VA resident is on it she was in GA tho' but hubby is stationed at Naval Air Station I think but she stayed with us. Navywife alias Candy where are you? God bless all

pita1213 03-12-2005 09:27 AM

welcome to the wacky part of the world known as VA. where is snows one minutes and is blazing hot the next. just don't go out while it's snowing. you may know how to drive in snow, but trust me the rest of the state doesn't.
i'm across teh river from you on teh pennisula, but grew up in portsmouth. there are a lot of support groups/ mom's groups out there. if you belong to a church, they are a great place to start if you are just looking for a mom's group. if you are looking for a specail needs support group, you might thry the health and human sercives department. for your city. there are usually some in contact with them, or you might also try the library. sometimes they have fliers and other info about moms groups and support groups.

katsgram 03-21-2005 06:58 AM

Hello Kathy

I haven't seen you post since your first one back in Feb., I hope you wander in to get some feedback.

I lived in Va Beach from 1977 to 1986, then we moved here to Chesapeake.

You say your husband was transferred here, was it a military or civilian job transfer? Military has lots of support groups.

You could consider volunteering at your sons school. Join the PTA and meet other mothers. As mentioned, meeting women at church is an option.

What part of Va. Beach do you live in? It has become a very large sprawling city.

The local newspaper has a section on Sunday - Career Connnection, you can look for jobs in there.

You can PM me and I'll be glad to try to answer any questions about the area.

Take care

katsgram - Nancy

cat lover 01-17-2015 05:46 AM


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