ISO: Homemade flavored applesauce

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  • can or greezing applesauce works either way, if you can it, it is ready to go immediately, if you freeze it in individual containers then you can use it like an ice block in a lunch box.
  • My kids' daycare adds different flavors of jello to plain applesauce. the variety is endless when you start combining flavors. it doesnt take much per serving you can make a bowl of jello and just take a pinch out of the package first and put in a dish of applesauce.. naturally I dont make flavored applesauce for 100 kids.. (thank the lord).. just one... so for us its a pinch or two at the time and I dont have to make him eat the same kind for a month.. just pinch as we go....
  • I have used the same pinches of jello with pears sauce. works just as well.. have a friend with pear trees.. and when they are ready I get lots of them... I make pear sauce and can it.. adding flavors are requested when its served... cinnamon pear sauce is fabulous with pork too.
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