member having serious issues with FC!

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  • Quote: Type of info needed to help solve problems.

    In the title type your specific issue (i.e. Can't attach photos, smiley's aren't displaying, can't send private messages, etc). Please do NOT type things such as "I need help" or "site isn't working". Specific topics please!

    3) In the message body, please be as specific as possible about your issue. Please state where you were on the forum when you experienced it (a url is great!), what you experienced and what you clicked to get there, and any error message that was displayed or the resulting problem you experienced.

    Also it could help to say what browser you are using.
    Yes! Thank you, seleach. All of this information would help us solve this issue.
  • I sent an email to Meadow with the link to here; so hopefully she will soon see it and maybe be able to reply with some of the requested info from above.